Port Melbourne Musings
A Woman of Substance
I doubted that I would ever come back..


A Woman Of Substance

by Lois Daley

She came some 4 years ago
Tall, statuesque imposing, confident & controlled
Her role was to implement the five C,s
Change, comparision, cohesion, confidence and caring.

She was not welcome.
There was resistance, restlessness, reluctance, rudness and rage
She set herself a mammoth, to get to know her staff well
Ten left in the first weeks adding to the chaos, others took their place, new learning added more pressure.
Those in their care were upset, unhappy, unsettled, and unable to understand.
Two years on the battle was being won, respect from families, carers, friends, Staff working in harmony,
it was a home not an institution.

Then funding cuts made at top level of management added more burdens, privitisation of the cleaning and cooking services took away the family atmosphere.
She fought for her staff, residents and her principals but to no avail, so she left and went to live in the country for solitude but here an outsider was not easily accepted and her new job also had those who resented her.
Where and when will all this end ?
Where is the philosophy of care gone?
What do I do ?.
This has been my profession for 25 years.
Will I take the risk & move into a new field of care?
I will give it a lot of thought over the next 12 months, but I know already I must move on and change my career path.
I am able to do this because I feel confident, capable, coherent, calm and challenged