Passport to Becoming a Writer

If you want to gain the passport that entitles you to call yourself a writer then you cannot escape the fact that you have to make writing a daily practice. If you are to improve your writing and capture the interest of an audience then you must make it a habit to work with words. You can find people, places, or just about anything to inspire your writing, the trick is knowing where and how to look for them.

Keep writing notebooks! Use the ideas and prompts on this site to stimulate your imagination.

The Student Lounge at Soul Food now offers staff and students the opportunity to work on an exciting web based project called The Magic Garden. The Magic Garden and Places of the Heart are projects designed to show educators and their students how good curriculum can be delivered and the outcomes published, using new technology such as blogs, writeboard, photo board and many other exciting applications.

Cora Zon, a professional storyteller and Heather Blakey, an experienced web publisher and webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe, work collaboratively and demonstrate how educators can marry the ancient craft of storytelling, apply current curriculum and publish using state of the art blogging software. Cora tells the enchanting Kazakha story of the ‘The Magic Garden’ while Heather Blakey delivers a curriculum package that climaxes with self publication on a constellation of Global Teacher, Global Student blogs. Watch, in wonder, at the way this virtual garden is growing as staff, students and the wider community contribute by responding to the activities within the Magic Garden Project.

Alternatively you can join participating schools and tackle a stimulating project, such as the Lunch Box Spies. Discover the pure joy of writing and how visual arts can stimulate your flow of words.

Make use of the Student Teacher Resource page, become a published writer and mingle with celebrated writers and artists who share the same struggle as they work to maintain mastery of the craft!

But above all, remember to always keep the fun in the fundamentals of writing and remember that while an audience is important, it is enough to write primarily for yourself.

So! What are you waiting for? Clamber aboard the quirky writing tram and sample the magic that is so much a part of the Soul Food Cafe.