According to Hesiod's theogonic poetry Prometheus was born of the daughter of Okeanos and created mankind out of clay. The name Prometheus means 'he who knows in advance'. He is the creative spirit, attributed with having the gift of insight.

faucon of Sakin'el

No Gusari has pranced the earth since the 15th century, but faucon of Sakine'el can recreate the Mystique through stories and practice. Please post thoughts, stories and poems labeled either "Glade" or "Village" according to focus. Check "Strum of the Gusli" for a full explanation. If you wish a 'Sounding' or question answered by Kiyan, direct it to See "Strum of the Gusli" to understand the themes.

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Introducing faucon of Sakin'el
Herald of the Light

I don't know whose task it is to light the lantern by the door at dusk -- that stumbling travelers might seek haven. I could be up to the honor, I suppose, though all of the travails of a sexton do not appeal (pun) to me. I would rather be as a hearald of the dawn and pinch out the feable candle glow and sing of the rising passion -- either way, there is a lantern at the abby I am sure ... consider --


Of things that are beknow,
above belief, beyond entrancement
are those so imbued by Covenant;
and thus of me and thee.

We are Bearers of Light,
a flickering spark of divine breath
by choice and vibrant will enhanced;
and thus of we and all.

Our presence is profound,
a reed resonating in harmony
of tenor and pitch but ours alone;
and thus of EverSong.

Hense we are a lantern,
be entwined of flame and spirit gong
both to protect and restrain the gifts;
and thus humanity.

Within and in fine tune,
swinging now, anchored by silver thread
find soul swaying twixt mind and spirit;
and thus eternity.

Magic of this lantern,
projecting Light and reflecting soul
always in symphony with the Source;
and thus of everything.

Yet life is not simple,
For creation is the goal and trust
Love born, and midwifed by attention;
and thus of me and thee.

The trick is to hold high
your self-lantern of complexity
to cast aside the dread shadow fears,
as know to such as we.

While some wisdom flies out,
(for what else can we really share?) --
some other brilliance must sure creep in,
and thus instill learning.

Unshutter your flame,
polish the colored glass of value
that they only filter the real you;
and thus bring enrichment.

Forth and back, round about,
I flicker silently in everquest
for two lanterns that do sing as one;
and thus of me and thee.

by faucon of Sakin'el

The Lemurian Abbey is the property of Heather Blakey and the residents who have claimed space within its walls. No material can be reproduced without written permission. The Abbey is a part of The Soul Food Cafe.