The Magical Pearl

Deep, deep down in a far away land called China there was a village full of people. They were guarding a magical stone called the Revenge Stone. Only a dragon could release the stone. It would help China defeat the bad. Only dragons were found in Japan.

Meanwhile, in Japan some Japanese men were training all the dragons to defeat China. But one dragon wasn't listening to the men. So the Japanese man pulled out a strap and hit the dragon that was just born. He hit the dragon so hard that the dragon let out a breath of fire. Then he flew all the way to China.

The Chinese people were all very happy. The dragon couldn't control itself and suddenly it crashed into the village and swallowed the Revenge Stone. Suddenly the dragon had a glow of light all around its body.

Then it went all the way back to Japan to take revenge upon all the men. Then China lived happily ever after.

By Jennifer.

Preston North East Folios

Linda Brotherton



Dragon Colouring Competition Stories

The dragon stories presented here are responses to the very popular colouring story competition that students engaged in during the term one Writing Passport Program run by Heather Blakey