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Creative Literacy Initiative

Soul Food is releasing creative writing magic by providing a community literacy program to over five hundred students in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. A cursory glance of the work completed amid the participating schools will reveal the success of the innovative Writing Passport Program which marries literacy with the visual arts.

This program promotes positive habits of the mind in order to develop creative thinking and self expression using a wide range of materials. An important side benefit of this program is that students gain self awareness, self confidence and they become more socially resilient.

Soul Food is a free site that provides exciting free features. One way you can help further that work is by supporting a mini Scroungers' Center For Reusable Art Parts at LaTrobe Secondary College. The home of SCRAP is a bit far from Melbourne so I will simply have to nick their wonderful idea. Send any of your artistic scraps to Mrs Heather Blakey, LaTrobe Secondary College, Waiora Road, Macleod West 3085, Melbourne, Victoria.




Magic Beach Project


Students in Grade 2/3Z at Preston East Primary School are making an altered class book to store their work on Alison Lester's Magic Beach.