A hardy, proud bunch, these Canadians add their voice to the halls of Soul Food.

Canadian humourist, writer, webdesigner, Mike Browne has taken up residency in his own little corner of the Web. His creative work comes in many forms and is always growing. He still doesn't know what medium his favourite, so he has been actively trying out as many as he can. His levity and general whackiness is like daffodils on a dull day. He brightens our cyber world.

Deanne Fitzpatrick grew up on a hill overlooking the water in Nova Scotia, and watching it was her pastime. "That is a natural part of life by the water," she explains. "You watch it and plan your day by the rhythms of the tides. The omnipotence of the water is clear and understood by coastal people. It is said that you should never take the water for granted because it can only be counted on to change." Deanne's rug 'The Lookout' captures the essence of what she saw.

Ever the cowardly voyageur, Stephanie Hansen explores windy Northern Canadian lakes, rides whitewater rapids and, quivering, continues to challenge her wherewithal in her art studio and at her computer. Stephanie believes freedom is what you win on a dare. To her, the biggest "double dog dare" is writing.to say what she dare not say. Although her painting is more prolific than her writing, Stephanie's first love is the English language. The power of words leaves her ever in awe.

Aletta Mes born in amsterdam, the netherlands, currently living in vancouver, canada





Meet the diverse group of American writers who have gathered at Soul Food to share their stories and experiences. Each have been touched by the Muse.

In Massachusetts beauty abounds! Susan Anderson is proud of the beautiful, green mountains and valleys, all sorts of lakes, ponds, forests and wildlife and the wonderful Atlantic Ocean all at her fingertips! She enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, writing, traveling, meeting new people, nature and the Internet. She collects dolls, clocks, music boxes, little stones and shells from the beach, mountains. Here is a collection of some of her writing.

Tony Anthony has followed a life-long spirit for adventure beginning the summer he graduated from the New Hampton School for Boys and traveled on a 250cc BSA motorcycle through six countries in Europe. Not long afterwards, he found himself drafted into the Army — assigned to the infantry as a Combat Correspondent for the 1st Batallion of the 52nd Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade, Americal Division in Vietnam.

After the war, Tony headed to California where he found work on an anchovy boat. It was the captain of the boat who introduced him to the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Following Vietnam, with the life and death and the questions it raised, it was a natural progression to turn to Eastern philosophy for answers. As it turned out, Tony worked as personal photographer for Maharishi in Europe and India for six years.

Anthony’s first book, LIFE IS WAR But You Can Win, was published in 1994 and was inspired by the author’s recovery from Post Traumatic Stress. The book was bought by VA hospitals and Vet centers across the United States. Dr. John Gray wrote: “Tony Anthony’s account of what he learned under fire inspires us all to take control of our lives, to move forward with greater awareness and courage.” The Dallas Morning News said, “Gutsy and sometimes as grisly as war itself.”

Julia Clay lives in the valley of the Shenandoah in the Shadow of the Massanutten when she is not travelling around the western United States. Always a reader, as a child she read Michener's Hawaii when she was home sick with the flu and then went on to read everything in her parent's library from Romeo and Juliet to Nevil Shute's On the Beach. This early grounding in reading served her well as she racked up degrees and accomplishments in the middleworld.

In midlife - she heard the Summons of the Soul, what began as a whisper transformed into the Roaring of the Sacred River and this led her to quest for a vision. She became an apprentice to Dream Work, Soulcraft, and deepened her committment to writing. The visual artist long dormant surfaced as she began to draw and create beauty in new and innovative ways. Four long years she labored in the underworld - romancing her shadow, learning the imaginal language of the soul, locating and retreiving lost fragments of her Self.

Emerging from the underworld, she stumbled into the Soul Food Cafe and from there crossed the threshing hold into the magical land of Lemuria. Mesmerized by the rich imagery and drawn to the twin tasks of writing and drawing, she was bewitched and beguiled by Enchanteur. She roams this magical world, exploring her inner wilderness, travelling as a Soulwright. She is often found, hitching a ride on Enchanteur's Cape - but just as often you will find her in solitude.

She write because she must - there is no other way.  

Edwina Peterson Cross (Winnie) is a poet, a mother, a dancer, a dryad, a mountain spirit and a disciple and cohort of the Muse; dwelling in the enchanted green hills of Southern Oregon. This spirit that dances is on a constant quest to come to terms with a body in chronic pain. Winnie is a published writer and poet and the poetry editor for Welcome Home magazine, where she is gratified to offer poetry to thousands and publication to many; serving as an emissary for the Muse. Winnie is a joyous resident of Lemuria; land of moonlit mists, clear healing waters and stars of synchronicity. She is a lover of words and books; of laughter, language and learning; of fantasy, mystery, magic, and myth.

Gabe Cyr is a soul who teaches, creates, writes, helps people explore the wise messages they have to give themselves, but haven't yet heard…. all with visual arts and words as the journey. She exhibits in galleries and arts events, has her art published in books, and win awards now and again. Doing this keeps her juicy. Retirement from it is not an option.

Chris Dunmire is a creativity enthusiast, wife, and student of life who resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Chris is a graphic designer and driving force behind the Creativity Portal, a Web site promoting the exploration and expression of personal creativity. Her lifework includes Web publishing, artistic dabbling, drawing corny comics, motivational writing, and encouraging creativity, self-awareness, and personal growth in others.

I believe my stories are memories that seek a voice; my ancestors asking to be remembered.
They are the taste of summer corn, the feel of a newborn calf, the smell of hay curing in the sun, and the sound of my mother’s voice.
I will not forget.
I cannot.
I will not leave them to disintegrate to an empty husk.
But will breathe into them and give them life.
I will write.
And give it as a gift to myself and Genevieve and Lilliana

During the day Debra Fox lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children but at night her dreams return her to the Nebraska prairie where she can listen to the coyotes and see unending stars overhead. There she can remember and create.

A fifth-generation Californian, Lori J. Gloyd grew up in the Venice/Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles where the multi-cultural diversity and bohemian sensibilities of the area influenced her development as a writer, photographer, and artist.  Educated in the Humanities, Lori explores the convergence of history, place, and culture in her creative works, often infusing her pieces with a spirit of otherworldliness.  Her short stories, photographs, and digital art appear regularly at the Soul Food Cafe website.  Lori currently resides atop an ancient sand dune in the South Bay area of Los Angeles county.

American author, Jean Houston had added her weight and written about her working muse who she enlists to come to her aid in the process of creation. I love her concept of bringing in other characters to help solve the dreaded writer's block.

Vi Jones, a transplanted Welsh woman, now lives in the USA. She has never lost the essence of Celtic Wales, which lies deep within her soul. Its mysteries are her mysteries. She considers writing a spiritual pursuit, a therapeutic exercise, and a way of seeing that non writers can never experience.

Audrey Larkin: free spirited, spunky, loving, friendly; full of love for family, friends and life! Wildlife and nature, something she can never get enough of; makes her heart soar... Hungry for words, books, arts, writing... Always searching for more knowledge; Feels deeply toward those who are mentally or physically challenged. Aims for the greater good in life.

Who am I? I am not sure. As it says in Ming-Dao’ s Tao Meditations " Rain dripping from eaves sounds nature’s poetry We create to Explain to ourselves." Then just when I think I can define Jane everything changes. I hear a new sound, read new words, embrace new thoughts or feel a new sensation and I follow a new path. I am no more who I thought I was. To know who I really am has been a lifetime journey.

Jillian Leslie is the vibrant webmaster of Everyday Warriors. I first met Jillian when she was a columnist at One Woman's Writing Retreat. A sufferer of chronic illness herself Everyday Warriors is a tribute to the stamina and courage of this woman. She quite literally dances with chronic illness and has gone on to build an invaluable resource. Enjoy her work at Soul Food.

Texan writer, Lisa Mahon, a columnist for SharpWriter and One Woman's Writing Retreat dances with her Muse. When the muse asks Lisa to dance the dance of writers they move together, fluidly and magically in a way that takes her breath away. She is a welcome visitor here at Soul Food.

Amanda Maruhn, from Michigan, USA, is an English and Communications major at Spring Arbor College. She's determined to be a writer, and has only recently discovered the fact that she already is a writer, even if she hasn't published as much as she would like. Her relationship with her muse seemed veiled in smoke, until it came to her -- like a flash.

William Michaelian’s short stories, poems, and drawings have appeared in many literary magazines and newspapers, including Ararat, a quarterly magazine devoted to literary and historical work on Armenian subjects. His work has been translated into Armenian and appears in Armenia’s leading literary periodicals, and has been read on Armenian National Radio. Raised on a farm in Central California, William Michaelian lives with his wife, Denise, and their four children in Salem, Oregon.

Linda Plaisted is artist inspired by many muses. Classically trained as a painter and illustrator, Linda is also a published writer, poet, photographer and educator. Living near Washington, DC, Linda formed Manymuses Studio- a place for students of the arts and writing to gather and attend workshops in drawing, painting and creative writing.

Kay Marie Porterfield first discovered the transforming power of the pen in the third grade when she wrote her first novel – a 16-page farce about a dysfunctional family with names changed to protect the real people upon which it was based. That burst of creativity liberated her from the slow learner’s classroom and earned her a seat in Mrs. Sheppard’s gifted and talented class where she continued to write as if her life depended on it.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is a freelance artist, whose work consists of fantasy, the otherworld, and the surreal. She has been illustrating since 1996. Stephanie graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1998 with a double BA degree in Fine Arts and Computer Science

Cheryl Tucker lives in a quietish town outside of Cambridge, Mass. The Mystic River is right near her house so you may find her there some mornings feeding the hungry ducks some stale bread. Likewise, you might find her in her writing room at her keyboard making up some stories or poems or random sketches. And then she’s usually at Harvard during the week editing and designing books. She’s got a great life.

C. T. Tudor is the Webmaster and managing editor of One Woman's Writing Retreat: a virtual home away from home for those who read, research or write. She spent 15 years as a dancer/choreographer, 10 years as a landscape designer, then worked on the Internet as a corporate content editor. When she's not reading, watching movies, or working on her Web site, she's writing novels and short stories.

Michele Pariza Wacek began writing professionally in 1993 and launched Creative Concepts and Copywriting, a writing, marketing and creativity agency, in 1998. Going into business was the best decision Michele ever made. She discovered a passion for combining her creativity with her writing ability and marketing knowledge to help her clients grow their businesses. And she can teach you to do the same.Discover her free articles, exercises and resources at Writing USA andnd don't forget to sign up for her free two monthly e-zines ­ Create! and Create! A Market.

Jane Yolen is an author of children's books, fantasy, and science fiction. She is also a poet, a teacher of writing and literature, and a reviewer of children's literature. She has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America and the Aesop of the twentieth century. Jane Yolen's books and stories have won the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, two Christopher Medals, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards, the Golden Kite Award, the Jewish Book Award, and the Association of Jewish Libraries Award. This web book presents information about her over two hundred books for children. It also contains essays, poems, answers to frequently asked questions, a brief biography, her travel schedule, and links to resources for teachers and writers. It is intended for children, teachers, writers, storytellers, and lovers of children's literature.