Meet the fascinating European writers who have gathered at Soul Food to share their stories and experiences. Each have been touched by the Muse.

Carol Abel hails originally from the UK but has been resident in the Green heart of Europe (Luxembourg) for the last 22 years.

With a gift for learning foreign languages she is employed by one of the European Union institutions and her work takes her away from home on a regular basis thus providing her with grist for her photograpic mill. She has developed an interest in digital photography and endeavours to use her own photographs as much as possible in her artwork and hopes to be able to master the art of digital collage one day soon.

She is keen on amateur dramatics - both singing and acting and has attended a number of summer schools and has sung with 3 of the local choirs, the last piece being Mozart's Requiem. Her foreign travels have taken her all over the world thus earning her the nickname 'Traveller' when she posts in the Enchanteur blogs.

She "met" Heather in the summer of 2005 and has since been a devotee of all things Soul Food Café-related. She contributes both her own stories and artwork on a regular basis.

If she could wave the Enchanteur's magic wand it would be to advance the date on which she will cease paid employment and can devote more time to her creative pursuits.

Romanian based Katja Delgato lives at the rocky meeting of the two massive mountain ranges on the continent; in the shadows of mighty Moldoveanu. She lives with nature, she listens for changes, she dances with the seasons and records their many moods. Katja, whose poetry dances with the seasons, is the newest patron at Soul Food.

Irene Fialho began to read when she was four and at seven she also wanted to write. So she did! But somwhere late in her teenage years Irene lost her muse due to her inability to find the food that sustains duende. Dirty technocratic jobs starved her and her words ceased to flow.

Following the birth of her two fairy babies Irene abandoned the technocratic work and turned more deeply to the task of art and literary translations. She managed to write some essays on nineteenth century writers, but seeing her name over the printed words of others was more frightening than nurturing.

After a long association working with men it was fado that bought wisdom, in the shape of wise women, into her life. A Portuguese friend gave her a book by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a book with led her, magnetically, to the doorway of the Soul Food Cafe.

Irene likes to be known as a herbalist and painter, but she longs to write and find the freedom of personal peace. Irene is currently searching for her long lost muse. She is seeking manifestations of the goddess within her country and her people.

Charity Alva has always had a pair of scissors in her hand. Since she was big enough to hold a pair of blunt tip school scissors by herself she has been cutting and pasting paper to create her eclectic works of art. She has always enjoyed the spirit of creating something new from something old and covering things with paper has always been a natural act of beautification.