Never to be left out  the British Islanders
Add their Hand Turned Pizza

Carol Abel hails originally from the UK but has been resident in the Green heart of Europe (Luxembourg) for the last 22 years.

With a gift for learning foreign languages she is employed by one of the European Union institutions and her work takes her away from home on a regular basis thus providing her with grist for her photograpic mill. She has developed an interest in digital photography and endeavours to use her own photographs as much as possible in her artwork and hopes to be able to master the art of digital collage one day soon.

She is keen on amateur dramatics - both singing and acting and has attended a number of summer schools and has sung with 3 of the local choirs, the last piece being Mozart's Requiem. Her foreign travels have taken her all over the world thus earning her the nickname 'Traveller' when she posts in the Enchanteur blogs.

She "met" Heather in the summer of 2005 and has since been a devotee of all things Soul Food Café-related. She contributes both her own stories and artwork on a regular basis.

If she could wave the Enchanteur's magic wand it would be to advance the date on which she will cease paid employment and can devote more time to her creative pursuits.

Janet Andrews lives in the village of Ackworth, West Yorkshire, England. She worked as a teacher until a spinal injury curtailed her career. One day she stumbled into the Soul Food Cafe and took up the opportunity to travel with le Enchanteur. Now she has citizenship of Lemuria and is a Lemurian Elder.

Nicola Warwick, web master of Cloudshill, and fellow columnist at OneWoman's Writing Retreat, writes about her muse. Her Muse is quite definitely male. When we contact the Muse we contact a rich inner source.

Born in Paris, raised (consciousness) in South America, USA and Europe. Was happily married to Argentine-born British/Canadian potter Reg Dixon then I left. Have lived in London ever since and have dual nationality, British/American. My father was Russian, my mother French. You can see my parents' picture and read about my outlook in Natalie's Bike Ride to Clarity. Art education in Paris, New York, San Miguel Allende, Mexico and London. Many part-time jobs including: sales assistant, window-display designer, hotel receptionist, theatre box-office, filmscript writer, editor, fringe theatre performer, co-director of the Centre for the Imagination (London 1980's). But my main self-supporting activity, apart from art, has been teaching in adult education: drawing, painting, printmaking, problem-solving. It's my conviction, supported by experience, that every individual regardless of age, background or education has some unique creative ability which can be encouraged, developed and in some cases become the driving force in their lives. In London I taught at Camden Arts Centre, the City Literary Institute and Stanhope Institute. I was visiting Professor of Art at Colorado College, Colorado Springs and lectured at American and European institutions. I give workshops/talks on aspects of creativity and on my own work.