Meet the diverse group of Australian writers who have gathered at Soul Food to share their stories and experiences. Each have been touched by the Muse.

Jenny Aarts is a Sydney writer who set out to pen a non-boring family history and ended up writing fiction instead, due to a tendency to exaggerate. She hopes future generations will know her through her short stories and poems. Go with the flow and be receptive to change is her motto.

Carolyn Aitken has over fifteen years teaching experience, having initially worked as a secondary school teacher at Odyssey House, a drug rehabilitation centre, and local Department of Education Secondary Schools. Since 1997 she has facilitated adult education classes as a volunteer tutor in "Creative Writing" and "Speaking Effectively in Public" at the Eltham and Diamond Creek Living and Learning Centres.

Throughout her life Heather Blakey has been an avid reader and writer. As a youngster she consumed the Greek Myths with passion, rehearsing her life as she lay under the pussy willows that lined her back yard like proud sentinels guarding her territory. Heather has become a passionate teacher of writing, working with people ranging in age from eight to eighty. Heather's home, Carnforth, has become a haven, a kind of temple to the Muse. Carnforth is the home of the Soul Food Cafe. Heather believes she is a direct descendent of the muse and, given the number of people who have been inspired to write as a result of her work, this is more than likely the case.

If Sharon Boggon were a door, in order to ensure that people would have free access to her digital world, she would either have no lock, or a broken lock loosely holding the door in place.

Sharon, the hostess of In A Minute Ago, is a talented Australian textile artist who has invited streams of people to participate in innovative digital projects. Sharon is particularly interested in the connections between textiles and digital technology. She is interested not so much in what the technology can do but how people are using the technology. Sharon sees the internet as an extremely interesting cultural artefact which is constantly 'under construction' and has already made a significant contribution to the creation of valuable, digital artefacts.

Linda Brotherton is the Koorie Educator at Preston North East Primary School. One of her roles there is to assist Koorie students engage and benefit from class room activities. Linda was in the classroom when students participated in the writing passport program run by Heather Blakey. Linda has generously provided these pieces to demonstrate that the tasks can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Australian, Brisbane writer, Nicole Cody is a regular patron at Soul Food. You will find her writing scattered throughout the site. She is a regular contributor on the message board, an active on-line writing group member, the kind of cheer leader every webmaster longs for. She may not have glimpsed the muse but I know that her muse is there, a constant writing companion. Enjoy the work of this sensitive, talented writer.

' As one of Australia's foremost humorists, Kerry Cue is in demand as a columnist, author and public speaker. Her humorous articles have been published in nearly every newspaper in Australia . Kerry writes a weekly column for the Herald Sun newspaper (Vic) and The Advertiser newspaper (SA) as well as providing regular recordings for the ABC. Kerry's articles are concerned with the humorous side of life and observations of the world around us. She questions the rituals of human behaviour in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening. Kerry Cue is also the best selling author of over 17 humorous and educational books. Her first book "Crooks, Chooks and Bloody Ratbags" ( a reliable guide to her childhood ) won one of the few humor awards ever offered in this country at the 1982 Adelaide Arts Festival.

Lois Daley is the new older woman of this century. Others of a similiar age have perhaps never heard of an old muse or any muse for that matter. Lois knocks around with much younger muses this keeps her on her toes. She is a direct descendant of the Goddess HESTIA ,she of Hearth & Home fame. As Hestias descendant she passes onto all Muses her skills ,they are COMFORT, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, EMPATHY & LOVE. Lois is known locally as the Port Melbourne Muse

Melbourne writer Elizabeth Hayes foray into writing began in childhood when the artistry of letter writing captured her imagination. Penning letters has become a life-long writing practice underpinning the other forms of writing she enjoys exploring: short stories, articles and poetry.

Pauline Nolan is a woman of diverse interests. These include woodcarving, watercolours, swimming races in the sea, lawn bowls, music, reading crime novels and writing of course! She lives in Sydney and runs around like a mad chook most of the time. Pauline also loves cooking when she gets the chance and the company of a wide variety of people. Pauline is a therapist and also does investigations. Hi to all.

J L Ralston was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1965. At the age of nine she produced her first work of fiction 'Mother Christmas', a feminist account of the 'silly season'. Literary influences include George Johnston (for his understanding of being Australian), Milan Kundera (for his magnificent precision) and Iain Banks & John Irving (for their quirkiness and hilarious stories).

I am called an angel because I love and help others A counsellor because I listen, empathise and understand A dreamer because I have so many of them A fruitloop because I believe in phsycic phenomenon, the paranormal, star signs, feng shui, universal laws, energies and God. A hippy because I believe in love, freedom, 'natural highs' such as sunrise, sunset, the beach, the country, that plants have energies A witch because I grow and use herbs and oils and believe in alternative therapies and A writer because I love to write and have alot to say. I am all of the above and probably much more - I am what I am and will become whatever I am meant to be.

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi sat on the roof of her father's store watching : She watched the trucks from distant farms. She watched neighbours white wash bellying into the breeze. She watched the steam train coming from the east. In winter her breath made a misty cloud. In summer watched the sun set on the far side of the horizon . One day she knew she would ride to the other side of wide earth. One day she did. Now she is old this poet person writes from a quiet space remembering.

Megan Warren is seeking her muse. In this pursuit she has stumbled upon the haven that is Soul Food Cafe. Megan is writing herself out of depression, following recurrent pregnancy loss. Writing is therapy that heals the soul.