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Flight of Imagination
Walking the Sacred Way at Delphi
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Sanctuary of Dodona
Milton and the Muse


Guided Imagery


The creative benefits of guided imagery and creative visualization have been well documented. I do not intend to do more than facilitate the process and help you access the vast, vale of solitude and light that Zora Cross describes. Enjoy the collection of quirky guided imageries that are based on Greek Mythology and great works of literature. 

Make sure that when you come to the computer to do a guided imagery that you are comfortable, that you have some music playing or perhaps a candle burning. Before you start open Microsoft word and then minimize it, ready for when you have finished absorbing the scene.

Relax and try to visualize yourself being a part of the scene. Once you have finished reading and absorbing the scene simply begin to write. Do not try to control the outcome. Simply write.

Sometimes I will include an image for you to meditate upon but often it will only be the verse that is here so that you do not clutter your mind with preconceived ideas of mine. 

Enjoy and don't forget to let me know how you find the activities. More about inner work
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