A most divine wayside stop for writer's
on their journey to Ithaka.

This striking image by Vlad Yakobchuk at Repless Abandon sparks the imagination and makes me wonder just what Lemuria might be like.

Visual Oases and Places of Meditation

The Windgrove Centre
In the Temple
Sacred Places
Amethyst Meditation Garden
Stoneclave Meditations
Tea Leaf Oracle

Enchanted Moonlit Water Garden
Byzant Mystical

The Lemurian Notebook
A resource book for residents of Lemuria. This invaluable handbook provides a guide to daily life within the sanctuary.

The Golden Tree Grove of Lemuria

Plant a tree in the Golden Tree Grove

The Mine Shaft

Deep in Lemuria there is a mine shaft where rough diamonds are mined and then polished with loving care.

The Pythian Games
Each day writer's who choose to linger in Lemuria take the time to prepare for the Pythian Games. Training is rigorous and demands the discipline of coming to the page regularly.

The Gymnasium
An offshoot of the Pythian Games. This is a place to work out and train
Within the gymnasium your pen will be given a very good workout.

The Solarium
A visit to the solarium will saturate your senses. Here you marinade under the Lemurian sun.

Creative Solitude
Every writer needs solitude, that quiet meditative time when they are at one with the cosmic source. Silence descends in Lemuria at this witching hour and all residents stop to write in silence. Guided imageries help those who are looking to find a starting point.

Feeding the Muse
Artist's dates are best undertaken in pairs. Excursions from Lemuria take in bazaars and market places, places of visual intoxication, places of great natural beauty. Here writer's share their favourite escapes - those times when they flee the page to refuel and replenish the creative source

Creative Arts
Writer's lingering in Lemuria spend some of the day reading magazines and participating in a diverse range of creative arts. The art room in Lemuria is well stocked and offers a diverse range of activities to fill those visual journals. Alternatively you can head down to the Lemurian Poetry Cottage and weave words.

Writing Notebook
Make it a practice to check the Writing Notebook. You will always find something here to remind you to write and to help your flow of words.

Lemurian Gallery
A gallery which features the work of the residents of Lemuria.

Trading Stations on Road to Ithaka.
Visit the Magic Cottage and other trading stations on the journey to Ithaka

Enter the Land of Sintra
The Mountain of the Moon


I sometimes feel a little uneasy about that imagined self of mine - the Me of my daydreams - who leads a melodramatic life of his own, out of all relation to my real existence. So one day I shadowed him down the street. He loitered for awhile, and then stood at a shop window and dressed himself out in a gaudy tie and yellow waistcoat... Logan Pearsall Smith, Trivia 1918

Shadow yourself within Lemuria and observe as much as possible about yourself.






Welcome to Lemuria

Lemuria is a land of mystery. For many centuries the idea of a lost continent, having once existed in the space now occupied by the Atlantic Ocean, was expressed frequently. Generally it is now considered to be merely a legend, without any scientific foundations. However it is almost certain that at one stage there was far more land than water

When you walk through the doorways you enter another world - the world that once occupied this space. In this space it is common practice to resort to concentration and meditation when in doubt, or in search of new knowledge. Instead of turning automatically towards some printed books, newspapers or human specialists, here in Lemuria you do not have to accept the dictums, principles, theories, ideas, personal conceptions or beliefs of supposed authorities. Here you can write for the sheer sake of writing. You do not have to have the goal of publication in mind. There are no judgments or critiques.

Here, within the walls of Lemuria great emphasis is placed upon the value of meditation and concentration in helping writers improve their craft. Here in Lemuria it is possible to attune with the cosmic mind and comprehend, understand and interpret impressions received. In Lemuria it is possible to concentrate your attention and wait for an impression. Here it is possible to communicate with animals and trees in their own language. In Lemuria you are close to the creative force that poet's have called divine.

Within the walls of Lemuria the sixth sense is valued. It is a commonplace attribute. Just as the artist can be trained in seeing, a musician trained in hearing, a wine expert trained in tasting, the writer who lingers in Lemuria will gather knowledge that has been passed down through the generations. The writer who takes up residence in Lemuria will develop the sixth sense by simply permitting themselves to be, by practicing and perfecting their skills on a daily basis.

Lemurians do not consider the sixth sense a special gift. They would be appalled if they knew that the human race has all but obliterated this sense through lack of use. Lemurians see and feel or sense something about everything in nature. When they see a tree or an animal, a stone or a mountain, they see more than its breadth and thickness. A Lemurian who talks to the trees gets a reply.

Lemuria offers the writer supportive solitude for creative reflection. Welcome.

Popular Lemurian Links

Once upon a time there lived a hermit in the wilderness...

The hermit has a long established popular image: the pious, bushy - bearded old man sitting in front of a cave in the wilderness.

Explore this intriguing tradition of the Hermit and meditate upon the contemplative solitude that has appealed not only to Christian hermits but also artists, philosophers, travellers and writers from ancient times until the present day.

Seek hermitage within the divine sanctuary of Lemuria. Share the sweets of your solitude on the Lemurian forum.

Lemurian Abbey

When we spent nine weeks travelling in the United Kingdom in 2001 cloisters like this one at Salisbury Cathedral left me breathless.

I particularly loved the ruins dotted in tranquil, isolated valleys in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. We spent the most magical day following the Royal Road to Iona, off Mull, on the west coast of Scotland, where Kings were buried and the illuminated manuscripts were crafted. Thousands of feet had padded along the cloister at Iona, thousands had sat in meditation in the tranquil inner sanctum.

Story has it that a ruined abbey, laced with vines that have grown over its broken walls lies in a valley here in Lemuria. Returning travelers tell stories, told to them by the custodian, that it dates back to the time when the noble sisterhood of the Divine initiates lived and toiled the soil there. Guardians of the ancient teaching, these divine initiates gathered around the cradle of new infants destined to teach future generations....

Stimulate your imagination by visiting this virtual abbey and write a piece set in the Lemurian Abbey.







Lemurian Central

Riversleigh Manor is the central hub of the Lemurian colony, a new world being populated by artists and writers from all around the globe

A most divine writing retreat where creatives congregate to soak the mystery and mythos that is Lemuria

The sign said, “Welcome, come on in.” So I did just that. I walked through the main gate into Lemuria. Shocking! You can do it just like that! An invitation is extended and you respond! I had paced in front of the gate for hours, peeking through the cracks, jumping up and down to see over the top. I tapped lightly on the frame months ago but ran away in case someone answered. And once I even slipped a note under the bottom. It was on red paper with a gold stripe on the side. Do you remember? Well, that being said, I had never considered lifting the latch and walking in. But today, or was it yesterday or the day before I did it. The gate opened smoothly and creaked in a most pleasant manner.
Debra Fox

I am called back to this wonderful place. I love it here. There is time to wonder and meander without interruption. I could potter round here for days. It feels wonderful. I can sit on the seat and watch the sparkling flowing gently babbling stream. It seems to be almost singing as it glints in the sun. There is lush green grass under my feet and pale but bright blue sky above my head. A smiling figure approaches. It is a long lost friend. It is so beautiful all this colour and such wonderful scents. Nature is just magical. I didn't know you knew about this place! I come here often it is such a delight. It is a special place especially for creative people and now I can share it with you to. All the things that really matter take place here. The meaningful conversations, the enduring friendships, the special projects. There is room to spread and time to just enjoy. What a strange idea that seems! This place is quite addictive it seems. Oh what it is to relax have fun and just enjoy. This place is a real treat for the soul, made all the more special because I can share it with my friends. Oh well, until next time. They say good things come in small packages.
Susan Preston

Lemuria has become a real place in my imagination after reading all these posts. I can see that river clearly all the way to the sea, the sand upon which rests the giant seashell and the fields of wheat being harvested. I'm slowly getting to know all the people who reside therein, too, even if they are wearing their masks sometimes. They're slowly revealing themselves, coming out from the shadows now and then".

The Lemurian Collections will capture some of the exquisite beauty of Lemuria. You can visit Lemurians and share the serenity of this very special cyber oasis.

A Favourite Lemurian Link

"Ruins capture the imagination with their ability to tell stories about the past. There are memories within the crumbling walls of these ruins that speak with a potent language. Abandoned architectural spaces and discarded objects recall moments when former occupants walked these halls and occupied these rooms. The aging surfaces bear the etched marks of a bygone time, scrawled upon the walls are the personal memories of the buildings, memories from a past that pulse from the walls."

Spend quiet time exploring the ruins as depicted by talented photographer, Shaun O'Boyle. On the wings of imagination visit the deserted and abandoned parts.

Romance some ruins. Let your senses be your guide and write about moments gone. For more ideas make sure to visit Shaun's links.

This is a a writing sanctuary where explorers, spiritual and emotional archeologists and adventurers gather and share that which will fuel the imagination assist the flow of words.

Alone In The Wood
A Writing Exercise for Lemurians

It was almost summer in the heart of the wood; and soon as I scrambled through the hedge, I found myself in a dim green forest atmosphere under eaves of virgin foliage. In places where the wood had itself for a background and the trees were massed together thickly, the colour became intensified and almost gem-like: a perfect fire of green, that seemed none the less green for a few specks of autumn gold...There was a great hush over the wood; and the vague rumours that went among the tree-tops, and the occasional rustling of big birds or hares among the undergrowth, had in them a note of almost treacherous stealthiness, that put imagination on its guard and made me walk warily on the russet carpet of last year's leaves. The spirit of the place seemed to be all attention; the wood listened as I went, and held its breath to number my footfalls. Robert Louis Stevenson, from 'An Autumn Effect' Essays of Travel, 1905

Go into the Lemurian Wood alone, amid the sprays of delicate foliage, the colonnade of slim, straight tree-stems. Sit amid the circle of trees at the end of the gravel pathway . Listen to the vague rumors amid the treetops and join the gossip of these elders. Write letting the spirit of this place enter your page.

Lemurian Gardens

Visit the garden of Trendle Ellwood


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