Montisfont Abbey - England

Mottisfont Plane Platanausx hispanica. This magnificent specimen of the London Plane is reputed to be the largest of its type in Britain. Although no exact record of its planting exists it probably dates from the first half of the 18th Century. Approximately 40 meters tall, with a girth of 12 meters it covers an area in excess of 1500 meters. I stopped to ask the tree for directions. She rustled her leaves and whispered that I must follow the pathways to the old realm, to the the times of old, when magic and mystery reigned supreme. She spoke of meetings held at her base, of gatherings, fine music, dance and song and reminded me to stay on the pathway. Sheltered within her arms, arms that enveloped me I felt safe and I could feel my internal well being refilled...



Guided Imagery - Tree Wisdom

Pussy Willow

The Pussy Willow Trees that lined the back fence of my childhood home remain etched in my memory

Take a few minutes to make yourself comfortable. Breathe in and out slowly. Feel your toes! Wriggle them to remind yourself that they are still there. Breathe in and out slowly. Feel your stomach! Try to empty your mind of any thoughts and prepare to go on a short visual journey.

You are entering a stately English property. You walk across a small wooden bridge... through an avenue of ancient trees. It is a gravel path. You notice that there is a small creek winding its way through the grounds. You choose to follow it, stopping to look across the ground towards the stately home. A small sign under a vast tree tells you that this particular oak is over two hundred and fifty years old.

You stop to embrace it.. Overwhelmed by its girth. The limbs spread over 30 meters, creating a web of shade. You sit under the shade thinking the changes this ancient creature has witnessed.

You rise and embrace her again... this time asking for directions and guidance.....

Begin writing. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just write for twenty minutes about what the tree shares with you.

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