Fishing for Words

Sunfish by Linda Plaisted

Imagine that you are barefoot and walking down a dirt path towards a stream. You can hear water trickling over the stones. It is very hot and you are eager to cool off. Upon arriving at the stream you dip your toes into the cool water and sit on a mossy stone listening to the distant waterfall pounding over the rocky outcrop. You watch the water as it swirls in eddies over the stones and watch as a school of brightly coloured fish swim past your toes. The fish brush your feet as they swim towards the sea. Suddenly you are astonished to see the young fish, leap from the water and turn into fresh young words.

Snatching your pen and paper you begin to write quickly in order to catch them before they disappear



Some responses from Primary School Students

Stillness! Silence! I can't take it
By the hour I start to forget recent information
Like boats leaving the dock on their way to sea....
One day the docks of my mind will reach some far away island and rest until the next silence

Mike, Year 6 Haig Street Primary School

Tickle your smooth hands along our slippery scales and feel all the beautiful things
Then sing along with the waterfall and listen to the howling stream
Hop in and take a swim with the fish and see our homes and babies faces that beam
Let us tickle your toes and make you feel at home
Then sit and relax and think of all the things we have sung.

Miranda McDonald, Haig Street Primary School



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