Walking Inside A Painting

The Wood by Linda Plaisted

Take your notebook and paper to your local art gallery - or call in at a gallery while you are holidaying. Sit quietly in front of a painting that you find yourself drawn to and permit yourself to become a part of the scene. Do some relaxation exercises to warm up and to get yourself into the mood. Then permit yourself to be transported to the world of the artist. Wait until words rise from deep within. Only then begin to write.

Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and what happens. You could write directly in the Bravenet forum I have provided or add your piece afterwards. Please identify the imagery you have chosen if you do this.


Silent Witness
done after walking inside Fredrick McCubbin's 'Lost'.

A silent witness, careful not to allow a twig to creak, I watched her, a diminutive figure enveloped amid the tall grey gums. Spires of yellowed grass cover her ankles as she weeps in her pinnie. The poor creature is clearly disorientated. She is hopelessly lost.

Will I approach and direct her, knowing that my intervention will be misinterpreted, that she will become even more frightened and the subsequent events will indelibly change history? What could I say to this young girl, a clay faced stranger in this wild foreign land? She has no clue. She stand pathetically weeping instead of looking for trails, the marks amid the bush that would lead her safely back to the small tent I saw in the valley little more than fifty meters away.

So close! Yet so far away! She may as well be a million miles from those clay faced men drinking outside their tent. She is inept, vulnerable and as helpless as a fledgling eagle separated from its mother.

I turn to walk away, silently, under the cover of the mute surroundings. I will return to my people and warn them of the arrival of more of these people. This group may perish but others will follow. I have seen these clay faced people on our land, people who leave huge scars across the earth, faceless people who will one day be as lost and disorientated as this child.


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