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Along the Sacred Way, treasuries were built to house the even more precious offerings that were brought out on special occasions and used in sacred processions. One such occasion would be the Pythian games which were second in popularity only to the Olympic games. Most of these treasuries were built about one third of the way up the path, at the first turn in the road. All the treasuries were built with an architecture providing at least two columns on the proaia. The most famous of these, the Treasury of the Athenians, held a prominent location next to the Council House. On the other side of the Council House is the rock of Sybil, and just beyond that towered the Sphinx of the Naxians.

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Walking the Sacred Way at Delphi
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Walk the Sacred Way at Delphi

Allow your mind to drift quietly to faraway Delphi where you sit by the stream of Castalia. Looking down to the plain below you note the dark-green olive trees, flecked with shadows.

You rise and walk along the Sacred Way, winding your way up a hill towards the main temple of Apollo. You pass a clutter of dedicatory objects and rest by the old Treasury.

Finally you reach the Temple of Apollo and quietly sit among the ruins, awe struck as you sense the overwhelming presence of an all powerful force. As you sit you think of the thousands of pilgrims who have passed this way.

Night settles and shrouds the temple. You climb on towards the theatre, lit by the golden light of Apollo. A figure enters the stage limping, carrying a basket. The figure looks directly towards you.

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