Guided Imagery - Prospect of Sea

Guided Imagery based on the work of Dylan Thomas.
It is taken from his short story 'A Prospect of the Sea'

It is high summer and you are lying in a corn field. You are feeling happy because you have no work to do and the weather is hot. You can hear the corn sway from side to side beside you. The noise of birds, whistling from the branches of the trees that hide the house vibrate within you. Lying flat on your back you stare up into the unbroken blue sky falling over the edge of the corn. The wind, after the warm rain before noon, smells of rabbits and cattle. You stretch yourself like a cat and put your arms behind your back. Now you are riding on the sea, swimming through the golden corn waves, gliding along the heavens like a bird. Now you are in giant sized boots, springing over the fields. You rise to your feet and wander out of the corn to the strip of river by the hillside. You put your fingers in the water, making mock sea waves to roll the stones over and shake the weeds. You make up a story as the fish swim past. It tells of a drowned princess........

Begin to write.  Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and what happens.

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