Custodian of the Sea

Read the following extract from Mountain Tops of Lemuria by George Chale Watson

Having performed the last sad ceremony over the remains of our colleagues, we turned our attention to getting back to Queensland, and although we were thus left short handed, we did not consider our position a desperate one.

During all the excitement of the experiences of the incidents thus recorde, I had lain down to rest, and as I slept a vision came to me of a man of immense stature standing upon our ship's deck, with this head reaching as it were into heaven. Although immense and glorious in stature, I had no fear of his presence, but entered into a familiar conversation with Him. He was the custodian of the islands, and directed the winds and the waves. His protection and preservation extended to all who mad His acquaintance, for He came to all who sought Him. His brilliance cast a gleam of glory over the Petrel, and all my anxieties about getting back to Australia vanished, so much so that in their place a most exuberant and over-powering confidence, which still sustained me when I awoke. Without acquainting the captain to the cause of my sudden confidence in ourselves, I accosted him the next morning saying, "We will get back to Queensland all right."

"Aye, aye, how do you make that out?" responds the captain.

"Well," said I, in reply, "the Port Patterson natives have got splendid sea legs, and they can go aloft like cats. You let Jim Garnet work the bore bowline and head sheets, and I will work the braces with a detatchment of natives, putting the weather braces in their hands to haul the fore-yard when directed. You take another contingent to work the main sheet, and we will take the ship back to Port Mackay alright."

Relax! Visualize this custodian of the islands who directs the winds and waves, whose brilliance casts a gleam of glory over you, who fills you with exhuberant and over-powering confidence.

Begin writing. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just write for twenty minutes about your journey within this enchanted Lemurian Garden.

Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and your experience. You could write directly in the Bravenet forum I have provided or add your piece afterwards.

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