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"For you see, when I lay down for a nap upon the pennyroyal in my Lemurian Garden I dream of a film that I reach up my hands to tear down. A film between two pillars that veils what is beyond. I want to know ,what is there, in the ethers behind the film. I know that we are on the edge of something. Humans are about to take the leap. My whole being seems to be concentrated on getting the courage to tear down this film, to open the door. To see the new beginning. To be reborn. And then, there is my door, my door on your page....." writes Trendle Ellwood, the creator of this place of rich, colourful blooms.




Discover a secret, enchanted, Lemurian garden that will nourish the soul...

Pure land from the dawn of time.
Not mentioned in our history books,
But etched deep within our minds.
Glimpsed sometimes in misty mornings, dreams and flower faces,
Hidden in God's most quiet places.
Hush, Listen Go Within,
Perhaps Lemuria will rise again.

Follow the path toward this enchanting Lemurian garden.Sit within the quiet and meditate upon Lemuria rising. Watch as a butterfly descends amid the rich greenery.

Lay down for a nap. Still and empty your mind. Permit the colour

within this tranquil world fill the void. Wait patiently for words to rise from within.

Begin writing. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just write for twenty minutes about your journey within this enchanted Lemurian Garden.

Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and your experience. You could write directly in the Bravenet forum I have provided or add your piece afterwards.

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