One idyllic day in June 2001 I glimpsed paradise lost when I happened upon John Milton's cottage in Chalfont St Giles. I spent a quiet hour exploring the retreat where Milton took refuge from the plague. It was here at Chalfont St Giles that Milton wrote 'Paradise Lost'. The keeper of the house knew everything about Milton, except it seemed, his relationship with the muse. It was Milton's teacher, Thomas Young, who " led the way for me, when I first traversed Aonia's retreats and the holy greensward of the twice-cleft ridge, he led the way for me when I drank Pieria's waters, and, favored by Clio, I thrice sprinkled my happy lips with Castalia's wine"

Milton paved the way as I searched for my muse and so it seemed that I was standing on hallowed ground. It was no coincidence that my muses led me to this special place, that eventually I would find my way to Aonia's retreats and thrice sprinkle my happy lips with Castalia's wine.

Meditate upon Milton's Sonnet XX and consider how your light is spent; who you must serve. Peek through the doorway of Milton's cottage, glimpse paradise and write about 'Paradise Found'.


Paradise Found

Begin writing. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just write for twenty minutes about who you serve.

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