A house is much more than the bricks and mortar. It is a living entity, having absorbed the spirit of those who have lived and sheltered within the walls. Just as centuries of prayer can emanate from the stones of ancient churches, so the feeling of people, long dead, can be sensed in old houses. Composer Edvard Grieg's presence is almost tangible in Trolhaugen, the home he loved near Bergen.

We walked down the steep leaf-strewn steps that lead to a tiny pavilion by the lake's edge. We peered through the door of the tiny retreat where Greig worked and wrote some of the world's most exquisite melodies. I crouched on the steps and wrote in a tiny notebook, trying desperately to capture the essence of the calm, unruffled lake...


Echoes of Past Master


Cross the threshold and share Edvard Greig's famous view from his tiny pavilion by the lake's edge. Here on his desk, his pen, his inkwell and a pile of his music lie waiting, as if he left to climb to the house just moments before.

Feel the spirit of this divine sanctuary, listen to Grieg's Songs of Norway coming from the cottage, listen to the soft voice rising from within. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. Enjoy the calm, the peace and serenity and write. Compose a hymn to the Muse.

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