Many cultures believe that water has a mystical and healing powers. All the more reason to explore the healing powers of water here at Soul Food.

Water is one of life's most simple, yet profound necessities. Water feeds the earth, soothes the human thirst and magnetically synchronizes with the moon. Water is a powerful life-giving force which makes it totally irresistible.

A patron touched very strong feelings when she wrote that I had "dreamed and created an oasis in a desert bereft of vision; that I had found a way to pass on my dreaming to others who were thirsty, some who may have been dying of that first."

So, if you are tired or thirsty come and nourish your writing spirit. Visit Richard Cowlings Enchanted Water Garden and, if you are a Melbournian, or find the time to visit Melbourne, slip into the therapeutic waters of the Japanese Bath House. Give way to the powerful life giving force of water for be assured that whether you crave its coolness on a hot day, choose to contemplate the glassy surface of a lake, gasp in awe at a waterfall gushing to the depths or simply study the waves as they lap the shore with reassuring regularity an important need will be met


Good for the Soul
Enchanted Water Garden

Lotus Flower - courtesy of Linda Plaisted

When the moon rises in the heavens of Lemuria, follow the winding pathway, through the whispering woods, to the moonlit water garden. Sit and rest awhile... run your fingers through the cool enchanted waters...Look for images and metaphors... watch for a message. Begin writing


Take a simple bowl of water and let it act as a kind of enchanted bowl. I always use a black bowl, burn some incense and light a candle so we can see the flame. Spend some time meditating upon the water and the light.


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