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Flight With Pegasus

You know that from time to time Pegasus comes down to earth to drink of the cool waters of the Hippocrene.


Proceed to the fountain and linger, waiting to catch a glimpse of the winged steed. Behold him sailing downwards in wide curves, like a bird of prey. Wait for an opportunity.

Look the fiery Pegasus in the eye and will him to allow you to mount him and take you to the house of his mistress, the Muse Urania.

Compliant, Pegasus, who has become accustomed to humans riding him, allows you to mount and, no sooner are you seated than he spreads his glorious wings and soars, like a spirit god, towards the heavens. He prances and flies up to great heights finally descending downwards to the Aleian field.

In the somber light you dismount, thanking the glorious steed. You avoid the path of men who have died miserably here in this field. In the distance you see a house. The door is open and you find a library, whose shelves are filled with richly bound books. On the mahogany desk lies a copious supplies of pen and paper. Allow your self to sit amid the library of the Muse and have a flight of imagination.

Begin to write. Do not stop to think. Just write about where you are and what happens.

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