My house is littered with empty flies, the spiders having sucked them dry.
Beneath my summer feet I crush
their glittery shells whose dusty hushed
disdane is echoed in the angry buzz
of blowflies at my windowpane,
and those entrapped by gossamer thread.
Soon they too will be dead.
Nicole Cody

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Flies Rule The World

NAPLES, N.Y. (Reuters) - Alfred Hitchcock gave us ``The Birds.'' Irwin Allen gave us ``The Swarm.'' Now Naples, New York is giving us the flies. The upstate town is teeming with thousands and thousands of houseflies that hatched after damp weather combined with hundreds of tons of chicken manure spread on an 18-acre (7-hectare) farm as fertilizer. Officials have declared part of the town of 1,200 people a public health hazard, and some residents have fled their homes. ``It's just a horror, a plague. It's biblical,'' resident Ervin Paulsen told a local television station, NewsSource 13, late on Monday. Speak your mind Discuss this story with other people. [Start a Conversation] (Requires Yahoo! Messenger) The flies enter through every crack and crevice and keep people from sleeping, he said. ``When you come home from work, your whole life is flies. Taping up windows, taping up doors, taping up chimneys,'' he said. ``Fly swatters, pest strips, vacuuming, cleaning counters. You do fly work until you go to bed.'' Farmer Mark Adams, who spread the manure, said he was abiding by environmental regulations when he plowed his fields with the fertilizer in late May. Now he says he is offering to pay for a private pest control company to treat the nearby infested homes. Some residents of Naples, located about 40 miles (64 km) south of Rochester, say they are considering legal action against the farmer.

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