The Little Girl Who Had So Much...
by Sirius Tyde

It was another sunny day, much the same as the past two months had been. A slight breeze would pass through in the mornings and the long feathered branches of the cypress tree would stir so slightly. The lizards would scurry around its base where the grass was longer, searching for beetles and bugs. It was cool there in the mornings, and to the little girl, it always felt safe, secure, with the draping branches hanging down as if they were long, loving arms. A matronly guardian, the cypress was both shelter and shade, and the little girl was fond of playing within its fortified presence.

She was a tomboy and very much enjoyed the outdoors, but today she was required to stay inside as her mother and brother would be gone to town and a risk of injury would go unobserved till their return. It was with indoor supervision that she would be watched over by a father figure. He had suffered during the war with Japan, and his injuries kept him close to home. At times, his nightmares kept the family awake, as always, concern for his mental state, would be relieved by morning.

She had her dolly's out and was about to serve them tea, when a shadow paused over her tiny tea set. She curiously looked up towards the shadows source, and froze.

He was standing near the table, naked, stroking his penis, and he called her name. "Don't be frightened, I have something to show you", he said, his erection protruding as if to emphasize the statement. The sight was terrifying, but not as much as the sticky tone in his voice. She saw his lips moving, yet a foreign voice spoke, one she had never heard before. His eyes were what told her to run. Empty and hollow, they screamed at her to run away fast.

He started for her now, his penis bobbling out of rhythm with his steps, faster now as he hurried to catch her. Panic began. The flushed skin, her breath was quick, and as she scurried to get up, she knocked over the tea set, and dolly fell from her chair. The screen flew open as she pushed hard, and she heard it bang behind her as she ran out into the yard and started down the drive. Alone and scared, she couldn't think.. What was happening, why was it happening. Why was he calling her name. She turned to see him following , unsteady with his injury, unable to catch her.

He didn't chase far, but stood near the porch and called her name. "Come back, I wont hurt you, I have a something to show you, a surprise". She ran until she came to the cypress tree. She turned and couldn't see him anymore, and ducking under its branches, began to catch her breath, her heart pounding, her mind a blur of fear and bewilderment. She cried to herself between short breaths.

In all the years to follow, the mention of a treat brought back memories of a naked man, a father figure not to be trusted. The concept of a surprise was something to fear. He had robbed her of innocence, her childhood, stole away the special thoughts that little girls treasure, the small secrets tucked away for rainy days. She had dreamed she was a princess and was to be courted by a handsome knight, but now the knight was dark and shadowed, his voice sticky. Her mind became a prison, caged by the memory of a twisted man. She was punished for having suffered. A victim, innocent and shamed.

A familiar sound could be heard in the distance. The motor of an approaching car. She recognized it and was filled with hope of escape, yet still she remained hidden. At last she sighted the auto and was thrilled to see her mother and brother returning home. She waited till it had passed the cypress, than followed at a run to catch it before it reached the house.

Her mother instantly knew from the fright in her daughters eyes, that something bad had happened. The two began to talk, one crying, the other listening. Her mother grabbed her and pulled her close. She held her tight and brushed away the tears. "Its OK now, stop crying........

The little girl didn't see the tears in her mothers eyes. She didn't know the pain her mother felt. The answer to everything was silence. No one could ever know. Her brother heard them talking, crying, and without further thought, boldly demanded of the father figure to know what he did, why this, to his sister? He promised to revenge her if ever again.

The little girl suffered in silence, within the prison behind her eyes. She suffered alone, as did her mother, ....and her brother.

Sirius Tyde 2004