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Heather Blakey can be reached at soulfoodcafe atdailywriting.net


Possible Contributions

Stephanie Hansen made a contribution to the Writing Passport Program when she undertook my challenge to lay on the floor, have her body traced and then express elements of her personality. In doing this she helped to demonstrate that the tasks children are set are multi- dimensional and completed by people of all ages.

You can help make a difference. You could

Provide books for end of year parcels.
Donate scrapbooking material to assist shoe string publishing. This includes a wide range of paper and textile products including old picture books.
Donate products that children would be excited to receive as a reward for engaging and improving their writing skills.
Donate supplies for the self portrait and armoury projects. Child sized mannequins cost $15 and it would be wonderful to enable more classes complete this project which helps raise self awareness.
Adopt a school by paying $150 for a three hour workshop.

Consider leaving a footprint by funding a school for a term $1500. (Remember that any contribution will help a child become actively engaged in the writing process.)
Host space additional on the internet to enable student section to expand.

Provide advertising space to promote the program.
Help purchase art supplies for a Free Writing Visual Arts Day.
Adopt a student and ensure that the student receives an end of year reward for having engaged and improved their skills.
Help make food for an end of year party for students from a disadvantaged school.

Provide old books that can be recycled and transformed into Albums of Memories.
Donate computer discs and computer disc boxes for students.