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If you are interested in the deeply rewarding experience of creative community blogging, facilitated by a highly qualified and skilled teacher/moderator, the "entry point" at Google Group is highly recommended. Subscribe at Soul Food Cafe to begin your journey.

A group of Soul Food Silk Road Adventurers are currently staying in Riversleigh Manor. The Manor house has private quarters for each resident and it is the base for those who have signed up to explore the Golden Seed Grove and find the Faraway Tree of Enid Blyton fame.

A second group are currently being orienated and will be settling into the Lemurian Abbey shortly. If you want to join in just contact heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net dot au with an expression of interest.




Throw a challenge to your imagination. Learn to fly some new kites

Pop Fiction Project 2005

Check out the Popular Fiction Hip Hop Music Feature that was completed by LaTrobe Secondary College students. Students made altered vinyl covers and wrote lyrics about To Love Veronica Bee. They cut their singles at the Experimedia Centre in Melbourne's State Library. Graphic artist, Greg Blakey has designed this exciting cyber DJ studio where student tracks are played.

New, exciting Popular Fiction Projects, following on from the highly successful work on 'To Love Veronica Bee' will be taking place at LaTrobe Secondary College, Reservoir East Primary School and Preston East Primary School.

During Term 2 students will present art work and multi media related to 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester.

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Learn, from an experienced Webmaster, how to use a diverse range of free internet tools to facilitate literacy, learning or simply to enhance your personal communication systems. Participants leave with fresh insight about the potential application of Weblogs, Mailing Lists, Message forums, Mobile Phones and more.
read Zen and the Art of Team Blogging

Tired of passive entertainment or regimented group activity where creative activities are barely evident? Sick of being locked into sterotypes? Learn to step outside the square and reclaim your imagination. Take up a creative endeavour! Use visual concepts and journals to light the creative flame.

Have Heather Blakey come and pull some magic stimuli out of her Box of Wonderment. At a SLAV conference in 2005 Heather dipped into her box of creative stimuli and demonstrated tried and true ways of engaging reluctant readers. She displayed work from the highly successful Pop Fiction project that was undertaken at LaTrobe Secondary College and demonstrated innovative ways of using multimedia to capture student imagination and send students off foraging through library shelves for resource materials.