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Santa's Gift


Santa spent a lot of time helping to ensure that this 2007 AdventURE Calendar would provide everyone with the practical skills needed to make full use of the internet. 2008 is the year to really test run and find out just what this web is capable of.

Practical Use of Web 2.0 Skills


passport by Lori Gloyd

Lemuria is Oz, Wonderland, Middle Earth, Faraway and countless other places all rolled up into one. It is wherever your imagination takes you, whatever worlds populate your heart. It is peaceful and soothing, wild and filled with adventure all at the same time. There is inspiration waiting on the underside of every leaf, beneath every stone and at the top of every tree and all you have to do is open your eyes to see it and open your heart to drink it in. The very air sparkles with ideas.

On the 12th night there is traditionally a feast in the Murmuring Woods. In 2008 a party of adventurers will leave, with Enchanteur, through Sibyl Riversleigh's tree and explore new, unchartered parts of Lemuria, complete more of the jigsaw puzzle.

Just as explorers who set out in sailing ships to discover the new world left with botanists, artists and traditional journal keepers this party will include a diverse range of people, all armed with Web 2.0 skills they have gained after working at Soul Food and with the 2007 AdvenTURE CAlendar.

The mystery and mythos of Lemuria grows! Make sure to get yourself a passport and join us on this exciting adventure.


Day 24

"there's nothing predetermined about what I write for the Lemurian blogs. I start with one of your suggestions and go with it. It almost has an element of "morning pages" to it. Plus, it allows me to write in terms of symbols and metaphors.

My posts come from my soul — just as a dream comes from my subconscious — with vivid imagery and lessons to learn."
Shari Vogt

Dreaming of Lemuria - Setting Out on a Donkey


courtesy of Aletta Mes

It was the small one who carried Mary safely to the stables where Jesus was born. Small ones have faithfully carried Lemurian travellers in to unchartered parts for a few years now.

Donkey's are coming from distant parts to take residents on a new adventure to pioneer unchartered parts of Lemuria. They will arrive in time for the 12th Night celebrations in the Murmuring Woods when Enchanteur has promised to lead another party deep within Lemuria.

Priscilla's Journey Continues

"Next week, one of the nurses said she’ll take time to teach me more about alzheimer’s and dementia. I think it will be good for me to know these things and Genece said we can spend as much time as needed for me to learn."

nursing home

Priscilla has found a new vocation.
image courtesy of Genece Hamby

Priscilla, Queen of Cyber Space, the cute little witch with a load of personality, set out from Australia in October on a secret mission. Aside from uniting the Soul Food Community she left to find out more about the potentiality of the web and niche web communities. Her journey has been a complete success and she has highlighted potential that may not have been fully appreciated.

Quite apart from her wonderful interviews with Soul Food Blogmeisterins, Priscilla has found a very special niche for herself in the deep midwest of America. She is currently staying in Gillespie, Illinois and is likely to secure a visa so that she can work with a group of elderly people in a nursing home there for a few weeks in January.

I don't know what you think but it seems that Priscilla is a girl with a real vocation and she is going to teach people, all over the world, just what dynamic use of the internet can do for everyone. It would seem that Priscilla will be travelling and working for quite some time.

Heather Blakey - Webmaster of the Soul Food Cafe

Genece mother

with Mary Lou for Christmas
courtesy of Genece Hamby


with Theo
courtesy of Genece Hamby