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Virtually every role-playing game requires participants to actively investigate the learning environment.

Lemuria - A Fantasy World

Lemurian Vista 

When you enter the fantasy world of Enchanteur you can write your own adventure and become who you have always wanted to be.

AdventURES in Lemuria


During 2005 a group of courageous travellers packed at a moments notice and headed off for a three month trek along the Soul Food Silk Road.

They discovered a road that twisted and wound endlessly. They met the Amazon Queen, a Hermit, a Mystic, Gypsy Travellers, Fortune Tellers, a Bath-house Madame, the Sacred Warrior Knight, the Mistress of the Wardrobe and many other interesting characters.


The 2006 Adventure Calendar was all about following the footprints of others and exploring the exotic Lemurian Cosmos, a fantasy cyber realm at Soul Food. The Advent Calendar tracks the path taken by travellers who explored Lemuria during 2005 and 2006.

The Mythos Grows

Sibyl Raven 

On the 12th night of January 2008 there is traditionally a feast in the Murmuring Woods. A party of adventurers will leave, with Enchanteur, through Sibyl Riversleigh's tree and explore new, unchartered parts of Lemuria, complete more of the jigsaw puzzle.

Just as explorers who set out in sailing ships to discover the new world left with botanists, artists and traditional journal keepers this party will include a diverse range of people, all armed with Web 2.0 skills they have gained after working at Soul Food and with the 2007 AdvenTURE CAlendar.

The mystery and mythos of Lemuria grows!

For more information contact heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm.



Day 21

Video games, or virtual simulations, or whatever we want to call them, will be a key component of classrooms of the future. The learning principles and potential will be too powerful to ignore for much longer, particularly as we move closer to every student having some kind of computing device with him or her 24 hours a day.

The Way We Play - PC Games

Games have for many years engaged the young in complex social relationships with their peers, building and exploring worlds together.


The City Creator enables students to build a city.

Some people call these types of games edutainment because they combine education and entertainment. Closely related to the use of educational games is the use of what is known as Serious games. An educational computer game can be defined as an electronic medium with all the characteristics of a gaming environment that have intended educational outcomes targeted at specific groups of learners. A closely related concept is Digital Game-Based Learning, which combines serious learning and interactive entertainment in a fun, engaging and highly exciting medium.

Computer games can aid the development of proficiency by allowing users to interact with objects and manipulate variables. They are said to be particularly effective when designed to address a specific problem or teach a certain skill in curriculum subjects, where specific objectives can be stated and when deployed selectively within a context relevant to the learning activity and goal.

Simple types of games can be designed to address specific learning outcomes such as recall of factual content. For instance, the Nobel Prize Foundation website uses on-line games to aid children in understanding the discoveries made by its laureates by cleverly embedding the scientific knowledge as part of the game environment.

Other genres of games can enhance the teaching of life skills in students such as financial planning or political knowledge.

club penguin


Webkinz and Club Penquin are just two of the sites that are introducing little people to virtual worlds. Virtually every role-playing game requires participants to actively investigate the learning environment.

Many gaming-savvy teenagers and adults create modifications, or mods, of the video games that they play. By doing this, they transcend from mere players into virtual world creators. Conceptualizing, designing, building, testing, revising - these are all complex cognitive skills that go far beyond the relatively simplistic skills required by many educational software programs.

Game Building

Game Building

It is simply a matter of trial and error finding the right game building tools.



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If Your Child is Online

Vicki A Davis calls herself Cool Cat Teacher and she has some excellent articles on her site. One that stand out is entitled "11 steps to online supervision of your child' and reminds us not to live in fear but to educate our children.