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Working the Sidebar

You can wear your politics on your blog sleeve and openly support groups like Greenpeace.


or you can just have a bit of fun with other web gadgetry. And, of course, if you are working at Soul Food make sure to display some graphically pleasing banners that will take you to the site. Go back to Day 6 to get the code for both of these. Remember that all of this is coded in to your widgets under PRESENTATION,


The Weather Pixie

Weather Pixie

The WeatherPixie is a little graphic that shows a representation of the weather using data reported (mostly) by airports and aerodromes around the world.

As the weather in a particular location changes, the characters clothes will reflect the weather and the graphic will show rain, snow, airborne particles and changes in cloud cover. Daylight, sunset and current moon phase are also displayed.

Clock Link

Clock link

Clocklink provides fashionable clocks that you can easily embed in your web page. All you need to do is simply paste the tag on your web page. Our clock will display the city name of your choice if you choose. You can also choose a time zone for your clock so it will show the correct time. Decorate your website with our clocks!



Blogcatalog is a blog directory, but it also has community features similar to mybloglog.You get your own profile, you can add your own picture, people can leave you comments, add you as a friend, rate your blog etc...

There you can also get this widget which shows other blogcatalog members who have recently visited your blog.

Get it HERE. (Of course, you have to sign up and submit your blog first)


Day 15

We have more gadgets than we know what to do with!  Too bad they are all so cool…. But do we run the risk of over gadgetizing our sites?   Are we going to cover them up with too much junk that users can’t see through it all?  Are they just cool tools that we think are neat but no one else gives a damn when visiting our sites?

Addictive Gizmos or Time Wasting Procrastination?

Live Traffic

Feedjit widgets are all free and you don't need to register to get them for your blog or website. Their widgets are also extremely lightweight and won't slow your site down.

If you're a Blogger or Typepad user you can install any of our widgets with one click. If you use a different platform or if you're installing Feedjit in a website, then simply cut and paste the script we provide into your blog template or website HTML. Feedjit will appear in the position you paste the script.

Blog Stats - Addiction or Useless Information

Cluster Maps

Cluster Maps

OK, I’ll admit it. I check my blog stats compulsively and too often. It took me a week of being out of town to realize just how often I checked. And how little difference it made.

You can check your blog six times a day, but it won’t make a difference. The numbers are just a report. And then it hit me–it’s an empty activity that makes us feel informed, up-to-date, and important. Just like checking emails and phone messages. Until you act on them, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

Wordpress gives you daily, weekly and monthly stats. Of course I checked all of them. Here’s the interesting fact: while I was chewing my nails over the rise and fall of daily numbers, the monthly numbers are on a steady rise.

And the follow-up question: what could I do with the time I saved if I didn’t check the stats? Here is my comparative list:
—read 150 more pages of a mystery novel, or
—read a whole issue of Art Calendar or Cloth, Paper, Scissors, two magazines that are connected to my art, or
—write down several ideas in my journal and develop one of them, or
—write another chapter for the book

The point is that compulsive number checking doesn’t help me be a better artist/writer. The others do. Time better spent. Notice the difference between writing a blog and simply compulsively checking the stats. Writing helps me be a better writer. Checking stats does not make me a statiscian. Lesson learned.

by Quinn McDonald

Tag Clouds

Tag Cloud

Cloud tags can seem very mysterious until someone tells you how to make them.

Turn in to a 3D Image


Zwinky provides just another fun way to present yourself online.