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From Manchester, Nicola Warwick, Web Master of Cloudshill, writes about her Fickle Muse.

My muse is an elusive creature. He flies in with ideas without so much as a "by your leave" inundating me with plans and projects, getting me buzzing, keeping me awake at night as I plot and plan with so much excitement that I simply can't sleep. And then just as abruptly he flies off again. Without warning and leaving me totally without inspiration.

He's definitely a "he". In fact I wonder sometimes whether there is more than one. I seem to get complete fixations about people such a TE Lawrence and lately Shackleton and occasionally wonder whether one or other of them is trying to get inside my head - in the words of the Peter Sarstedt song.

A couple of years ago I published an email newsletter called Pillow Talk, a gathering together of various random jottings, thoughts about the web, bits and pieces about "interesting things" that I had come across. Plus, there was Snoopy's "State of the Nation". Snoopy was my hamster. He was witty, irreverent and a writer. He published his own little column in the newsletter churning out more words per minute than I ever could on a good day. He made the sort of comments and observations that I just couldn't get away with but his charm and appealing nature caused readers to forgive him for everything and he had many fans. Sadly the day Snoopy died, after a relatively short but fulfilled life, Pillow Talk more or less died with him. It was never quite the same after that. Pillow Talk was Snoopy's column. That was simply the best bit.

But his legacy lives on as it does with all great writers, in his writing. The archive is still over there at eGroups and now and again I revisit to remind myself of Snoopy's wit and wicked sense of humour and most of all his irreverence. There'll never be another Snoopy. As the saying goes "there can be only one".


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