Butterfly Goddess courtesy of Megan Warren

Megan Warren is seeking her muse. In this pursuit she has stumbled upon the haven that is Soul Food Cafe. Megan is writing herself out of depression, following recurrent pregnancy loss. Writing is therapy that heals the soul.

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Introducing Megan Warren

Rose Keeper

I sit here in the garden, in the autumn sunlight.
I tend to my roses.
Symbols of lives, lived yet not lived
their blooms, the beautiful memories
their thorns, the harsh reality that life will
never be the same. The pain that life brings.
New growth springs from the fertile soil
that has been toiled with love.
Love for the tiny lives that they have come
to symbolise.
The roses are sturdy, yet fragile.
They are beautiful, but they have an
ugly side.
The thorns that prick,
cause pain and cause the heart to bleed.
A heart that is already pained and
bleeding from its loss.
The Rose, the keeper of memories and
the keeper of pain.

I see a woman walking towards me
she pauses at this rose and that
she carefully lifts the blooms
and breathes in their delicate perfume.
She is a young woman, aged beyond her years.
There is a sadness about her
It can be seen in her eyes - windows to her soul,
that cannot hide her pain.
When I gaze at her I try not to stare
I wish I could ease the pain how?
you might ask.
That woman I see before me is me.
She carries the burden of lives lost
I long to hold her close and kiss away the tears.

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