Jamie Walters
Founder of Ivy Sea

Jamie Walters has been directing traffic to Soul Food from her quirky Brain Cafeteria for some time now. Articles featured in Ivy Sea's Brain Cafeteria are fun and reflect the passion that Walters and her talented team have for their work. While Jamie may seemingly be writing for organizational and marketing communication her collection of writing in the cafeteria will inspire writers who visit the Soul Food Cafe. For example, Being an Island of Calm & Skillful Communication is just one of the collection of articles that provides insightful tips on how to enhance our daily practice.

Jamie's recently published book, Big Vision Small Business been well received by word lovers and writing craftspeople who usually avoid business books, which is a high compliment!

Make sure you visit and benefit from the wealth of knowledge at Ivysea.

Surmounting Our Fear of the Blank Page

Introducing Jamie Walters
Ivy Sea

Since launching her own business in 1992, Jamie and her Ivy Sea Collaborators have helped a wide variety of organizations, enterprise leaders, and entrepreneurs navigate the vision for and pathways to inspired leadership, conscious enterprise, organizational transformation, and mindful communication to help bring their visions to life (in a way that works in their life). Jamie focuses her consulting work on providing consultation and inspiration to conscious-entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and the real mavericks of the corporate world - most of whom would probably fit the new demographic category of "cultural creatives." When she's not consulting with clients, she's writing, advocating, listening for the muses, and navigating Ivy Sea, Inc. through the ups, downs, and all-arounds that are part of sustained entrepreneurship.

In addition to being the publisher and web-keeper for Ivy Sea's acclaimed website, Ivy Sea Online, Jamie also authored Big Vision, Small Business: 4 Keys to Success Without Growing Big (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), which was released to excellent reviews and received several "best of the year" nods, and she is a contributor to the recently released B-K book, Positively MAD: Making a Difference in Your Organizations, Communities, and the World. Jamie has published many articles, has been featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, and other publications, and has been a guest on radio shows such as Voice of America and Business Talk Radio.

From an early age, Jamie has pursued studies of humankind's spiritual, philosophical and wisdom traditions, and has augmented her personal studies with training in intuitive development and energy/mindset management. She has a particular interest in connecting the more etheric wisdom with practical, everyday action -- vision manifested in action, spiritual practice aligned with real-world ways of being and working, etc. These interests are woven deeply into Jamie's work, whether in her writing, or her work with entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, or organizational transformation projects.

Jamie is currently in the research stage for her next book, which will focus on integrating the wisdom of the Divine Feminine into all facets of our lives.