Meet Shari Vogt

Shari Vogt believes that everyone is an artist. Everyone naturally creates. Whether it be a comforting home environment, a delicious batch of cookies, a sculpture, a song, or a gentle caress that communicates compassion, we all create. And it is that essence of creativity that is a form of communication that comes from our souls. When Shari creates, she may not know what she's creating at first. It may not come to her until she's finished, or even days later. Shari sees her art as a communication from her soul, almost like a dream is a communication from the subconsious. And it is through those communications that Shari learns to see the world and the people and nature around her in a whole new light, a warm and loving light that unites us all.

Shari dabbles with art of many types. From crayons to paints, from paper to clay, and from words to symbols, she's never one to shy away from playing with any media. She's even been known to use eye shadow and lip gloss as colorants in her artwork. What's most important for her is to play with materials and have fun. Her current love is handbuilding and throwing pottery. That's second to collage and mixed media.

What Shari enjoys doing second to creating is inspiring others to create and to give. Through FoundArt Shari has formed a global community of artists who give without expecting anything in return. Members of the site leave their art in public places for others to find and enjoy. The surprise of finding something and then realizing it was left intensionally often leaves the finder with a sense of connection to others and optimism towards the community. "Others" are no longer nameless people who could care less. There's now at least one person out there that does care, who took time and effort to create something just to make another's day.

Shari's Work At Soul Food

Working With Wisdom
Catching Up With My Brother
Getting Ready
Wandering Luck
The Path from Blind Springs to the House of the Serpents
Floating in Darkness
On My Way
Lagging Behind
Treasure and Traveler's Tale
My Cave Dwelling
Through the Door
Full to Overflowing
Dancing From the Soul
Fairy Pond
Healing and Relaxation

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