Bruchetta Alla Treccione
Ingredients :
4 slices Ciabata or other crusty Italian bread
1 medium sweet onion, grilled
2 medium grilled portebella mushrooms
4 oven dried tomatoes
4 oz Treccione (smoked mozzarella) 4 oz. roasted garlic purée 1/2 oz. julienne fresh basil
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil Balsamic vinegar

Chop the grilled onion, portabella mushrooms and oven-dried tomatoes and place in a small bowl. Season with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste, set aside. Nest, drizzle olive oil over the slices of bread and grill until grill marls have formed. Broil or toast if grill is not available. Once grilled, spread the roasted garlic purée on the bread and top with a slice of smoked mozzarella. Baked in the oven until the cheese has melted. Remove from oven, cut each slice of bread in half and arrange on a plate. Top with the mushroom mixture and drizzle with olive oil. Garnish with the fresh basil and serve immediately.



Nutritious - Bite Sized Bruchetta

Writer Your Own Adventure

These 'Write Your Own Adventure' Story Starters are designed for students who need to maintain daily writing practice. However I have found that everyone from 8 to 80 seems to enjoy them. All you have to do is take a story line from a passage and write for thirty minutes without stopping. 

Join other writers and add your story to the story starter forum with Bravenet. Experiment and have fun!


"The "Red Death" had long devastated the country.

No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and its seal --the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with dissolution. The scarlet stains upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim, were the pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men. And the whole seizure, progress and termination of the disease, were the incidents of half an hour."

Participate in this wild writing, visual art exercise and post your piece on the Pythian Games or Student Lounge Forums.

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