Stepping Out

Flick through a glossy magazine and randomly collect a selection of shoes. Go to Just the Right Shoe and check out the collection of porcalain shoes by Beverly Feldman. Check out Shoe Hypes where you can source rare snake print Adidas and feed an addiction.

Collect stilettos, sneakers, sandals, Doc Martens, boots - exotic shoes, expensive shoes, shoes to fill a wardrobe - enough shoes to stock a shoe shop.

Close your eyes, think of Cinderella and pick a pair of shoes. Let the shoes start your story, determine who is wearing the shoes and where they are going.

Go to the story starter forum and add your piece of writing under 'Stepping Out'. Check out the other writing that has been added to the forum and see for yourself how a not so simple pair of shoes can add a special quality to your work.

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Heather Blakey