Alaskan Beauty

Work by Sirius Tyde

The Little Girl Who Had So Much
Hi Lake
Masque of the Red Death

Meet Alaskan based Sirius (Jamie) Tyde

Sirius started fishing at the age of 19 and felt he had found his life's calling.

"It was hard work, and I ate it up. The ruggedness of the ocean and of the people surrounding me was the lure. Even the few women who participated were extraordinary individuals, and than there was the money. Tons of it, at least in the beginning. After the fishing gave out I obtained a license, and have made a living operating tugs and supply vessels. Mostly freight for the petroleum companies. I have seen some awesome storms!!

I have had killer whales rush my boat and I feared a collision, ...... for not. Humpbacks have cleared the water with 40 tons of spectacular rushing beauty. Sperm whales and porpoise, from the bering sea to the gulf of mexico (japan and korea).

I have had to ask my crew to done their slickers and grab the ax and baseball bat to break ice off the rails for stability of the vessel. It can be said that I am in love with the Pacific Ocean.

I started flying when I was 20 and after 40 hours of instruction, bought my first plane. I later sold it for another capable of bush flying, only to wreck it three times. I sold it for $2,500 in silver dollars which than became very solid, and traded them for $6,000. Wish I could do that now.

I came closer to death flying than ever on a boat, and I have had plenty of situations on the boats. I do believe in angels. They held up my wings one day, and I cant be convinced otherwise. If by chance, you are ever inclined to visit Alaska, I would be most happy to entertain you and your family. I met a girl from Australia once ......... thats another story.

Sailors, ..... you know their reputation.

At present, I am a single father staying on the beach to raise two beautiful kids. Writing is helping keep my mind off the sea........