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Sensoria Gymnasium

The Greeks insisted that poetry was a form of craft, of practiced skill. Pindar speaks of himself as a skilled craftsman and compares his poems to buildings or statues, the product of skilled hands. For him, as for most Greeks of his time, the poet practiced a special skill. It had its own material - words. It was a craft to be practiced by trained men who knew their job. But in this respect technical skill still made full allowance for inspiration.

I understand that I need to practice my skill if I am to become a skilled wordsmith. So I write at least 1000 words a day - not always at the same time.

Do you train? Do you have a regime? What preparation do you need to be ready to write a major piece?

If you have not made writing a practice or you simply want to stimulate your creativity join this gymnasium, set in the magnificent region of Delphi, Greece. The program is designed to help you find your voice and that all elusive creative idea.

Who knows! Your life may change after working in this a-musing gymnasium.

Train for the Pythian Games

Daily Warm Ups
Tholos Dreaming

Sensoria Solarium

Team Bloggers have been set up at Soul Food. Registered members of the site can contribute to a special bloggers that enables Patrons to stretch their writing muscles.Registered members canjoin specific bloggers that focus on a genre.

Miscellaneous Memoirs is for the life story writer. Anyone can post poetry on the Live Poets at Soul Food board and the Cherita Fitzgerald Blogger which encourages members to pick up the writing baton and run with it.

The Alluvial Mine comprises of Soul Food miners who have staked claims within the mine and are seeking Eldorado. Many miners in this intriguing mine use a technique that has come to be known as Gleaning. This involves taking a line from the work of another (with appropriate recognition of the source) and running with that idea.

The Common Chapel within the Lemurian Abbey is restricted to those who have opted to benefit from solitude in this glorious retreat.

Fantasy Cove is a secret place for fantasy buffs to gather and exchange ideas while the Chamber of Horrors is for fans of the macabre.

Then there is the Lemurian Children's Book Writing Room where Patrons share ideas about writing for children. Last but not least, the Art Room will keep readers uptodate with what is happening in Soul Food Art Studios.

Make sure to take the time to check out two exciting Soul Food visual literacy projects which have successfully engaged students in both primary and secondary schools in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. A diverse group of individuals are currently presenting a broad range of responses to set tasks on the Big Bad Werewolf Project and Magic Beach projects. You could join them and learn about a very creative approach to literacy!

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