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Discover how to recycle all sorts of paper products to produce Albums of Memories. Discover how you can transform things that would be discarded, learn how to renovate, redecorate and create a masterpiece that will be passed down through the family. You will literally learn how to 'publish on a shoe string.'

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More than 101 ways to improve your writing

Create the armor that will protect your creativity and make the fragile writer within feel good.

Arm Yourself

Literacy groups have researched extensively and diagnosed the cause of writing problems in school students. They say that writing problems may result from one or more of the following.

  • Lack of effective demonstrations of writing as it takes place
  • lack of confidence and over anxious to 'get it right'.
  • Lack of opportunities to experiment with print
  • overemphasis on accurately copying examples of writing
  • over-focus on 'fill-the-gap' exercises
  • lack of successful writing experiences
  • concentration on story writing
  • lack of opportunity to write a range of genre
  • limited contact with writing models
  • teacher imposed topics, ideas
  • unrealistic home and school expectations
  • lack of purpose and audience for the writer
  • inadequate opportunities to experience and explore the writing process
  • ineffective feedback - oral and written
  • links not made between writing and reading
  • lack of exposure to a wide variety of literature
  • over emphasis on process at the expense of product
  • lack of adult intervention to improve the quality of writing
  • inconsistent approach to teaching writing throughout the school
    (extract from Assisting Learners - A Holistic Approach to Literacy Improvement)

My experience as a teacher of writing has proven, time and again, that writer's who present at workshops, come, lacking in confidence and with a low self esteem. It takes a long time for them to reach the point where they value their unique voice.

The activities that I present here are tried and true. They genuinely promote self esteem. They are not based on theory. I have DONE every exercise and believe in them for they have helped me identify who I am.

I believe that any teacher must have tried techniques before they impose them on another individual. I actually do these exercises with whoever is in my session, be they 8 or 80. I write with my students so that they can share my struggle and appreciate my vulnerability.

It is my aim to eventually provide 101 of the exercises I have used, exercises which I have found validate, affirm and honor the artist who lives within.

It is my hope that this collection, which includes a large number of creative visioning and visualization exercises, will be used by teachers of writing everywhere and that these teachers will actively encourage their students to complete those that resonate for them.

Heather Blakey

Pop Fiction Project 2005

Track the Popular Fiction Project which is being undertaken at LaTrobe Secondary College and see how students from Year 7 right through to V.C.E. are engaged in a wide range of fabulous projects.

Popular Fiction's Sarah Boland is interviewed at Soul Food. As a part of that interview she has writen a fabulous, fun, short story especially for the Soul Food Community and provides readers with an opportunity to win a Crumpler Bag.

Popular Fiction's Sarah Boland interviews Heather Blakey with the view to tapping the creative force behind Soul Food.

Pizza Banquet


Sit around and have a slice of Pizza at Soul Food's Pizza Banquet with some of the people who call Soul Food and Lemuria home. This is a chance to meet the people who have helped to build and populate this amazing cyber cafe.




Book Depository

The BookDepository

I love a sunburnt country...

Celebrate being Australian, learn about Australian History and discover the essence of creativity all at the same time. The Dig Tree, is etched into the Australian pysche as one of the greatest ironic tragedies. Dig and unearth some of the secrets of creativity. The Dig Tree was designed by Greg Blakey, a talented design student, with flair, imagination and the ability to meet the needs of his clients. Greg has created, amongst other things, Soul Food's zany Magic Writing Tram.

Advent Calendar for Artists

Soul Food is proud to launch what has become an annual feature. The December 2004 Advent Calendar, like the December 2003 Calendar is full of projects that have been test run during 2004 in Melbourne schools, and features the work of artists from around the world.

Make sure to let all you friends know that they must visit Soul Food on a daily basis during December in order to experience the joy of opening up a new link on the Calendar.

Send Soul Food Chocolates

If you have an artist, a dreamer, a dancer, a mythologist, an imagineer, a writer amidst your clan, make sure to nourish their creative spirit by sending them a box of Chocolates from the Soul Food Cafe. But be cautioned! These hand filled chocolates are totally addictive and may change lives.

Childhood is a state or phase of imaginative existence, the phase in which the world of imagination is still a brave new world and yet reassuring and intelligible.

The strictly non-fat chocolate from the Soul Food Chocolate Box is full of projects and material to help us return to that wondrous kingdom where imagination and creativity rule. The special fillings focus on celebrating childhood joy, spontaneity and imagination.

Waterhole Dreaming

Good heavens. I have only just discovered Soul Food Cafe. Thanks to Boynton What a fine site. What an innovative use of the internet to developing the historical becoming of Australian culture. Finding such sites is like following trails through the desert of cyberspace with other weblogs providing a series of maps of the country:

John Tjapaltjarri The Tingari at Pantjantjanya, 1993

Then perchance, coming across soakages in the sand hill country, or a waterhole along a trail:

courtesy of Barney Ellaga

Soul Food cafe is one such waterhole. Do take time out to replenish there. That is what waterholes are for---soul food. Many a time I've wandered the trails at night looking for a watering hole that pointed the way to the promised land. Around the waterhole we sit under the night sky and reflect about the country, express our feelings about what is happening on this earth, and start telling our stories.
Junk for Code