This collection provides a glimpse of the beauty, of the serene landscape of Lemuria.

I am in the gentle breeze that blows
gently on your face.
I am in a smile and in the eyes of a childs face.
I am in your heart and memories,
So close to you, always.
I am in the sun that warms your skin,
I am in the first birds song,
I am with you - always.

We found instead
our feet upon the distant shores
of a land so far from home
and here, we had to start again,
begin our lives, anew.
Our memories kept us strong back then
and keep us strong today,
as we remember the ones we love are
with us still - today.

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The Lemurian Collection of Teresa Seed

All day long the door to the sub-conscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side and return again, as easily and secretly as a cat....
Walter De La Mare, Behold, this Dreamer! 1939

Magical Forest

Today we visited the Botanical Gardens at Joondalup, I was transported to another world of long ago.

The sight of the magical forest beyond the green was too inspiring for me to take my time, I quickly crossed the grass and saw to my left one of the many rock pools to be found within. The water lillies danced upon the surface like ballerina's upon a stage.

A very large goldfish, unafraid of us giants, swam lazily by, his large head came to the surface and I heard him say, 'tread carefully within this forest, many wonders are hidden here' and then in a splash he was gone!

We stepped over stepping stones that crossed a stream which flowed from another pool fed by a beautiful waterfall cascading over large rocks, one of the many we were yet to find. The stream called at us 'follow me', as she meandered in and out leading us on deeper into the magical forrest, bringing us to where other pools and waterfalls echoed her call. They all eventually led to one large pool. A fountain spurting white water looked just like a rearing unicorn, protecting its special place. I blinked and he was gone.

Within the forest, elves played hide and seek among the ferns and vines. Fairies flew high and low, sometimes coming so close we thought they were flies and shooed them away.

Native violets blanketed beds and nodding granny's bonnets stood guard, so no flat footed humans would squash the delicate blooms. Secret garden rooms each surrounded by corridors of trees, hiding their treasures, to be found by all who would take the time to see.

Vines covered the earth and climbed tall trees producing shade and a cool covering of dappled light, so the fairies, elves and magical creatures could play hidden from prying eyes. Dwarfs (or were they children) ran past, laughing, enjoying their new found freedom within the forest. Two swordsmen were fighting, their gleaming swords made from the silver coloured branches of the white gum tree.

We walked on, eager to discover more, only to find that Prince Charming and his groomsmen were awaiting the bride Princess, his subjects and townspeople were waiting too - a celebration was soon to be in order. Two lives joined together in a Magical Forest. What a wonderful dream, what a wonderful beginning to my day and their life. We had to leave this Magical Forest but its magic will never leave me.


Midsummer Night

The moon was dark orange, almost red tonight, with a shadow across it - I'm sure that's supposed to mean something but I can't remember what.

It's a beautiful, warm summer night, still and silent, except for the occasional cricket. When I first saw the moon, it was seated on the throne of an ebony sky, not a star in sight. Now - a few stars wink at me - through the sheer veil of fluffy, white clouds.

I am reminded of how I always loved the Midsummer nights, the smells, the perfect temperatures, the starry skies (or the pure black ones) and the moon shining her crystal coloured beams upon the earth.

I used to love to go to the beach on a night like this, just to sit and listen to the waves, or talk with friends or lovers. The atmosphere of a clear Midsummer night inspires intimate, deep, meaningful, conversations and relationships that we remember for a lifetime.

After a hectic, hot day - the stillness, the coolness, the sound of the waves, the stars, the moon, the black sky and the salty breeze - gave me an aura of peace, love, hope and faith for the future. It was alot like a meditation - to me.

I hardly do this now. Life is so busy, the beach seems to far away, I'm too tired or have more important things to do - but on a night such as this - my memory gets a jog and my spirit wants to return to those nights long ago.

I cannot go back to those times and although I could go back to the beach, I'd be going alone if I did, these days, nobody seems to want to just to walk and sit and talk on a sandy beach. It seems like those things have flown away with our youth.

Still, the Midsummer nights will always return to remind us, to call us back to the peace, hope and love we all have hidden in our hearts. The gentle, crystal moonbeams will always shine on the path of self-enlightenment when we seek it, no matter what our age - on any - Midsummer night.



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