Saudi Arabia.

Valerie Fahey is the art teacher for grades K-5 in Saudi Arabia.

Valerie endeavours to incorporate art into as many of their curricula as possible and in the case of this hiss-tory snake project it was done as a part of their language arts.

The children at this tiny village school in Saudi Arabia come from all over the world. In K-5 alone they have boys from the Phillipines, Egypt and Canada. The girls are from Pakistan, Palestine, Spain and the U.S. The school is truly the life of the village.

Valerie felt that the hiss-tory snake project seemed like the perfect form in which to let the fifth graders think about what was important to them in their lives.

It also provided a forum from which to share anecdotes with each other about themselves.

"All in all, they enjoyed not only their colorful creations but also the challenge of combining writing with art" writes Valerie.

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Hiss-tory Snakes from K-5