Try your hand at Sand Painting. Give your painting a title and then use it to write a piece of fantasy. Here is a selection of painting and writing which will give you an idea of just what is possible.

A Sample:
Within The Sacred Mountains
by Edwina Peterson Cross

Therapeutic benefits of Sandplay


Pyramids by Audrey Larkin

Pyramids among the sand, so mysterious, almost unreal... Yet as I stand here I can feel the soft, beautiful sand as it caresses my bare feet. The pyramids, many of them, stand strong and united among the green grass and the colorful swirling waterfall. It is so peaceful here I just want to slip inside one of them and wander about exploring all the mazes and crevices.

Yes, that is exactly what I think I will do!

Slowly I make my way into the biggest one. Stepping inside the first thing I notice how cool it is and I start shivering a bit. That doesn't last too long as my body quickly adjusts to the change of the atmosphere and the temperature. What I see around me is thrilling and amazing. Old carvings adorn the walls. Many of them seemingly from way back in very ancient times.

"Darn" I say out loud. "Why did I leave my book by my tent instead of bringing it with me?" The book I am speaking of has all sorts of old artifacts, carvings, pictures of mummies, Egyptian jewels etc. "Oh" I continue talking to myself. "That book would have done me better here then where I foolishly left it." Continuing on my walk I come to a very small crevice. Stopping in front of it I turn on my flashlight. Kneeling down on my belly I peer inside. It is just about big enough for me to fit through. Without even thinking twice I begin crawling through carefully holding my flashlight straight out in front of me.

Unlike before where there appeared to be plenty of light, this crawl space was dark. After a few minutes I finally come to an area where I am able to stand. I nearly jump out of my skin when I see what is standing in front of me.. It is what looks like a very old mummy still perfectly wrapped in the heavy gauze from many years past. "Fascinating!" I say to myself. Putting down the tool bag that I carried on my back I hug myself with joy. This discovery is something I've waited so long for and it was finally happening.

All my life the study of archaeology has been a dream of mine. This was only my second trip alone and I couldn't believe the good fortune standing right before me. Nothing, but nothing was going to stop me from exploring these pyramids to my hearts content. Obvious to everything around me, even the time, I get to work a smile on my face very light of heart...

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