Shaun O'Boyle describes himself as a late bloomer. "I'll be frank," writes O'Boyle, "I did not excel in high school. I wasn't even a little bit interested in furthering my education when I was in high school. I remember careers class, we all had to give a speech on what we wanted to do for a career. I picked bus driver. Bus driver. Not that there is anything wrong with being a bus driver, but it just isn't your typical dream career path. So you can see that I wasn't exactly motivated toward the higher education path."

After taking a job in a shipyard, working in the bowels of ships, risking life and limb on a daily basis Shaun knew that to get ahead he needed to get in gear and get himself a better education or face the fact that he would most probably be doing that kind of work for the rest of his life. Perhaps more importantly, working at Avondale sparked his interest in large industrial operations and big machinery an interests that endures.

Photograph courtesy Shaun O'Boyle

Meet Shuan O'Boyle, a talented photographer who has romanced the ruins and compliled an amazing collection of evocative images that capture the poignancy of modern ruins.

Check out O'Boyle's Industrial ruins photography, photography which shows how he was caught by the beauty of those massive ships out of water.

Shaun says that he "would occasionally sneak his instamatic camera into work and grab a few snaps when the light was just right at sunset."

It's safe to say that the beginning of Shaun's interest in industrial photography lies within the Avondale shipyard, proving that art can have the most amazing origins.

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Romancing the Ruins Detroitís abandoned buildings lure risk-takers and soul-preservers.... Lucas McGrail walks into the front lobby of Detroit's Michigan Central Depot and steps over a sandstone wall panel lying in pieces on the floor. Pigeons flee their perches, their wingflaps echoing loudly through the huge empty room. McGrail picks up a bottle of water and squirts it onto the grimy floor. "There's beauty still, under this crap," he says, rubbing his foot in the muddy spot, revealing marble under the dirt. McGrail looks at the faded remnants of a mural on one wall, bricks, broken glass, and dust everywhere. "Yeah, it's messy. Yeah, it's filthy. But guys like me look at it and say, 'It could come back.'" McGrail is part of a daredevil Detroit underground compelled to sneak into abandoned buildings to explore the fading grandeur of the city's past. Some seek adventure, others are curious about the architecture, and some see themselves as historians. The extremes that shaped Detroit .....

Take a spy camera and explore some abandoned buildings. Romance the ruin and let your imagination run as rampant as the weeds that fill it's broken walls.

Write a story using some of the material you gather.

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