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Meet Karen Roberts - HandMaid

Embellished Quilt by Karen Roberts

My name is Karen Roberts and this is my shop. I started with a few old maps, and, well—you can see all the treasures I have collected. Here you will find all manner of items, and some are indeed handmade. But as you notice, that’s not the exact name of the place. Throughout my life, I have been somewhat of an eclectic, picking up and putting down many arts, crafts, identities, and philosophies. As I have grown older, I have come to the realization that I am merely a handmaid for the creative energy of the universe, a midwife of sorts, if you will. My task is to allow this energy to flow through my hands and into others, which is why I am here at Soul Food. I have entered this community to pick up, set down, transform, share and absorb the creative energies of those who gather in the name of art. At one time I knew for certain in my heart that I would be an artist…this dream fell by the wayside, but is being rediscovered once again as I reach mid-life. It is my hope that by offering these items for your perusal, you will once again claim that spark within yourself. Make your purchases wisely or rashly, whatever takes your fancy. For when you buy something from me, you don’t buy the thing—you buy the dream. Please, step inside and look around. I’ll just be here in the back opening myself to the creative energy of the universe.

Silk Road Cartographer

Karen 'found' a series of antique maps that provide travellers with a clear idea of the location of their destiinations.

Silk Road Bath House

Apart from being the proprietor of The HandMaid, Karen Roberts keeps a Bath-house on the Soul Food Silk Road that is well patronised by travellers.