Riversleigh Central

Riversleigh Manor is the central hub of the Lemurian colony, a new world being populated by artists and writers from all around the globe.

A Room at Riversleigh

When you step through the magic portal and enter Lemuria you will see Riversleigh Manor in the distance. Make your way to the Manor House and claim your room. The Manor is the base camp in Lemuria now. Original travellers came through the Cave of the Enchantress but a lot has happened since then and places have been founded and populated. Riversleigh and the Lemurian Abbey provide the perfect place for travellers to get their bearings and orientate themselves.

Watch Tower Ravens

The Lemurian Rookery has a flock of experienced Ravens who have been in Lemuria for some time and keep a protective eye out. They are a tight knit group who have travelled together for extended periods. Only Ravens have access to this special part of Lemuria.

While Ravens live in the Rookery at Riversleigh all will be well in the land.

Populating Lemuria

Heather Blakey is passionate about populating Lemuria, an exciting cyber colony for artists and writers from around the world.

What goes on in blogs with mythical names like the Lemurian Abbey, the Hermitage, Riversleigh and Gypsy Camp? Plenty. And the sense of creative community experienced in the supportive Soul Food environment has been transforming lives. Troops willingly inhabit these virtual places under Heather’s skillful facilitation to explore more than just their art and creativity.

To gain a visa to enter Lemuria and reside in places like the Abbey or at Riversleigh Manor simply contact her at heatherblakey at dailywriting dot net. Residents will be given the opportunity to join a residents group and meet guides who will help them navigate their way around this land.

The blog roll is a list of Soul Food Bloggers. It is supposed to make it easier to navigate this labyrinth but... we cannot remove all the mystery.

A Abbey

The original Lemurian Abbey, hosted by Blogger, still lies beyond the Glastonbury Tor. It is inhabited by votaries who have committed themselves to Making Art A Daily Practice and to building The Lemurian Abbey Community and exploring the Soul Food Silk Road. This is not a religious order and welcomes people of any faith.

Alluvial Mine

There is even an old alluvial mine in the ground of Riversleigh that is purported to have gold bearing veins. Gleaners are welcome. Who knows! You might just strike gold. To use this you need to carefully explore the mine with your mouse to find hidden links but there is this cheat sheet to help you find nuggets.

Artefact Tales

Lemurian Artefacts and ephemera that have been gathered by travellers on their journey along the Soul Food Silk Road. Many of these artefacts are nothing short of inspirational.Many artefacts have been gathered from places along the Soul Food Silk Road and each has a story to tell. At Artefacts Tales the challenge is to sit upon the Golden Bone Chair and tell a story using 1001 words.

Art Rooms

Art exchanges and swaps happen in the Soulful Art Room at Riversleigh Manor. But then there is more. If you are interested in developing your digital art work make sure to join Atelier Digital

B. House of Baba Yaga

The hut Baba Yaga lives in has a fence around it made of human bones and topped with human skulls and eyes intact. The gate is fastened with human legs and arms instead of bolts and a mouth with sharp teeth serves as the lock. The House of Baba Yaga is one of the destinations on the Soul Food Silk Road. Make sure to take a doll companion when you visit.

C. Cave of the Enchantress

Then along comes a real invitation to go on a trip, a Trip to Umbria with Le Enchanteur. She promised us excitement and adventure and at the same time helping us to become more proficient in exploring the Soul Food Café. I knew this was something I wanted to do. I have had the most wonderful time. My journey has been filled with adventure, excitement and at times reflection and quiet. I have so enjoyed writing as I have journeyed along with some wonderful people travelling the same way.
Leonie Bryant


Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

As a part of the 2005 Advent Calendar pilgrims headed out on a Caravanserai journey in search of the creative grail.


To keep people amused at Riversleigh members of the art rooms are participating in Illustrated Friday and Inspired Thursday and now they are also signing up to join in Mad Hatter Monday. You should too. Links will be put to particpants bloggers but many folk will choose to post on the blogger itself.

City of Ladies

The City of Ladies, or Cyberia as it has now called, is an ancient city that was originally built by Christine Pizan. Residents in the city live out roles they have always wanted to live.

D Digital Atelier

Digital Atelier is a niche community which fosters artmaking through digital, web based technologies.

Duwamish Bay

Duwamish Bay is a fictional place created by Anita Marie Moscoso. Welcome To Duwamish Bay Home of Adventurers and Writers and Artists Extraordinaire! We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay

E Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood is in the centre of Lemurian Golden Seed Grove and all roads pass through it. To the east lies the Hermitage, to the south the Lemurian Abbey, to the west Riversleigh Manor and to the north Duwamish Bay. The House of Baba Yaga, Blind Springs, The House of the Serpents and other well know places are tucked within these magical woods. It is also the home of the Magic Faraway Tree of Enid Blyton fame, a mysterious tree that provides a portal to other worlds.

F Lemurian Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree of Enid Blyton fame, is a mysterious tree that provides a portal to other worlds. It can be found in the Enchanted Wood on the Soul Food Silk Road. You will meet curious characters within the branches and the path leading to the other lands is very busy. Keep an eye out for Dame Washalot, Moonface, the Angry Pixe, Silky, Saucepan Man, the Red Squirrel and many others

G Gyspy Camp

Word has been sent to travellers that Gypsies are camped in a glade not far from the Lemurian Hermitage, upstream from the Abbey. Join them for good food, song and story-telling.

Golden Seed Grove

Within Lemuria seeds are sown and ideas flourish, as accomplished and struggling writer's alike congregate. From the golden seed of the silver birch came the elegant birch that so gracefully filters the morning sun as it streams in the windows of Carnforth, the home of the Soul Food Cafe. Similarly writing germinates from seeds sown in writing workshops, from writing within the forums here at Soul Food..

This grove is for people who understand that real writing can come from the humblest of origins, that to write you need to be able to tap into deep sources for nourishment. The grove is for those who know that it is enough to bear witness, who find that writing provides a healthful release for feelings and tensions.

H Halloween

Each October Soul Food travellers begin to prepare for Halloween and All Soul's Night is traditionally celebrated at Baba Yaga's.


The Hermitage is set within the Soul Silk Road in Lemuria and is a popular destination for travellers seeking solitude. Solitude is one of the deepest necessities of the human spirit.

Crest Hermitage is online store, a Australian fusion of flowers and trees, captured to preserve their natural beauty. Feel free to browse the store and choose from original nature image magnets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, journals, mugs, mousepads and more...


You can get you fill of delicious horror at the Chamber of Horrors

House of the Serpents

The House of the Serpents is in a valley quite close to Blind Springs. Travellers, responding to the call of the Rainbow Serpent Priestess stay here for extended periods.

I Isle of Ancestors

The Isle of Ancestors is one of the most mysterious, revered destinations on the Silk Road. Ferry Women bring travellers to it's shores from Duwamish and The Land of Chinese New Year. Travellers who come here are deeply touched by their experience on this legendary Silk Road island.





Global Positioning Satellite for Lemurian Residents

AdventURE Calendar 06

The AdventURE Calendar provides a twenty five week grand tour of Lemuria. Once you are established at Riversleigh, open the weeks one at a time and follow the footsteps of Lemurians who have populated this fabulous fantasy land. As you wander we will give you keys to places like the House of the Serpents and Baba Yaga's place.

The Lemurian Tour blog is the blog team members use to record their experiences as they complete theAdventure Calendar.

The Grand Tour is the blog team members are using as a part of the Adventure Calendar.

Both projects are substantive and will be expanded and added to during 2007.

Finding Your Way Around Lemuria

Learn all about how to navigate Soul Food and find out about the Soul Food Way.

Enter the original Lemurian site through an enchanted doorway and learn all about tours that travel along the Soul Food Silk Road

A Journey

le Enchanteur worked with a group of hardy travellers on the Catalogue of Creativity. The primary weblogs that were used to record this journey were

Catalogue of Creativity Weblog
Travels With A Donkey
Soulful Art Exchange
Grand Lemurian Tour
Murmuring Woods

Lemurian Abbey

The Lemurian Abbey, which lies beyond the Glastonbury Tor, is strictly restricted to members of the Order of Soul Food, to those votaries who have committed themselves to Making Art A Daily Practice and to building The Lemurian Abbey Community. This is not a religious order and welcomes people of any faith.

During 2006 Abbey Residents worked collaboratively on the A to Z of Abbey Alchemy. Just click on the individual letters to find the tasks.

Who is le Enchanteur?

You have all heard of the Genie coming out of the bottle. Well rub one of these charming vessels, say the right words and le Enchanteur is likely to appear. le Enchanteur is Heather Blakey's alter ego and just between you and me she sometimes represents herself as the Amazon Queen and Baba Yaga.

le Enchanteur is a dazzling shape shifter who led a party of travellers through mystical doorways into the world of Lemuria. Pioneers discovered the Soul Food Silk Road and found places such as The House of the Serpents, the Lemurian Abbey, the Crest Hermitage, Duwamish Bay, the Lemurian Archipelago and the House of Baba Yaga. le Enchanteur's energy is magnetic and somehow she brings out the very best in the creatives who follow her faithfully to new and exciting destinations.

Work with le Enchanteur and you will be enchanted by the development of your own creative powers. Of course, like Heather herself you might end up wishing that you could put Sibyl Enchanteur back in the vessel.

A Lemurian Banquet

Sit around and have a slice of Pizza at Soul Food's Pizza Banquet with some of the people who call Soul Food and Lemuria hom. This is a chance to meet the people who have helped to build and populate this cyber cafe.

An ABC of Creative Stimuli

The Monster ABC for Writer's and Artist's is chock full of activities which will keep an individual or group, who likes some direction, who appreciates stimuli, busy for at least a year. Buy yourself a new unique, Soul Food journal and commit yourself to following The Soul Food Way. Make writing and art a daily practice.

Soul Food Hermitage Shop

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

The Soul Food Hermitage Store is the place where travellers, who plan to travel lightly, can stop to buy some supplies and souvenirs. The Messenger and Tote bags are perfect for carrying your journal, scissors, glue and pens. Buy one and you will be ready to write anywhere, be it at the local coffee shop or while waiting for an appointment.

2005 Advent Calendar

The theme of the 2005 Advent Calendar was 'Journey of the Heart'. A group of courageous travellers packed at a moments notice and headed off for a three month trek along the Soul Food Silk Road. They discovered a road that twisted and wound endlessly. They met the Amazon Queen, a Hermit, a Mystic, Gypsy Travellers, Fortune Tellers, a Bath-house Madame, the Sacred Warrior Knight, the Mistress of the Wardrobe and many other interesting characters. The 2005 Advent Calendar preserves the journey of these travellers and provides everyone else with the opportunity to pull out their visual journals and participate in many of the activities that travellers undertook. Each day a bright light appeared on the calendar, opening a new link.By December 25 the heavens above the Silk Road were aglow. This year the calendar provided visitors with the opportunity to join bloggers in order to complete activities and interact with the Silk Road travellers. Enjoy! Heather Blakey Webmistress of the Soul Food Cafe.

Soul Food Chocolate Box

If you have an artist, a dreamer, a dancer, a mythologist, an imagineer, a writer amidst your clan, make sure to nourish their creative spirit by sending them a box of Chocolates from the Soul Food Cafe. But be cautioned! These hand filled chocolates are totally addictive and may change lives.

Childhood is a state or phase of imaginative existence, the phase in which the world of imagination is still a brave new world and yet reassuring and intelligible.

The strictly non-fat chocolate from the Soul Food Chocolate Box is full of projects and material to help us return to that wondrous kingdom where imagination and creativity rule. The special fillings focus on celebrating childhood joy, spontaneity and imagination.


Magic Writing Tram

To participate in the primary school writing program clamber aboard the Magic Writing Tram, designed by Greg Blakey, and do some of the exercises that you will find on board.

Become a Benefactor

Since it began in 1999, The Soul Food Cafè has been run and financed by Heather Blakey. The work of Heather Blakey with individuals and the material on the site has made a difference to the creative lives of many people. If Soul Food has made a difference to your creative life, or you would like to support the work done here, you are encouraged to donate (any amount - even $1!) to help keep the site and online courses running free. As a Soul Food Cafe Benefactor, your name and a link will be on the site.





About Riversleigh Manor

Riversleigh Manor is a rambling old house with twenty five private quarters. This house was once the house of Lord and Lady Riversleigh and after the death of Lord Riversleigh was inherited by Lady Sibyl Riversleigh, the youngest daughter of the Riversleigh's. It is the first port of call for pilgrims who step through Enchanteur's magic portal.

Paths lead, from Riversleigh through the Murmuring Woods to the The Hermitage and the Lemurian Abbey. Riversleigh Manor is the base home of those who have decided to come and discover the magic of Lemuria.

K Koschey the Immortal

Travellers have learned to keep their windows tightly closed when they stay on the Soul Food Silk Road for fear of the notorious Koschey the Immortal who has been known to kidnap people as slaves.

L Lands Above the Faraway Tree

Everyone who has ever read Enid Blyton's Folk of the Faraway Tree were captivated by the lands above the Faraway Tree. Riversleigh guests have already visited the Land of Dreams, the Land of Chinese New Year and the Land of Spells and Enchantments. Jump the ditch and come on an adventure with us to exciting new worlds.

le Enchanteur

le Enchanteur is the guide on the Soul Food Silk Road and often she sets up her Divination Tent for travellers seeking oracular knowledge.

Lemurian Artefact Tales

Lemurian Artefacts and ephemera that have been gathered by travellers on their journey along the Soul Food Silk Road are nothing short of inspirational. In line with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words and in keeping with the old show and tell of primary school days, everyone is invited to tell a story using some of the artefacts that are presented within these galleries. Choose an image, take a seat in the Golden Bone Chair and, in the spirit of Scheherzade,tell a story of 1001 words. Post this, together with the image, or a link to the image, on the Lemurian Artefact blog. To join the Artefact blogger simply send an email to heatherblakey@iprimus.com.au with the subject line 'Please let me join Artefact Blog'.

L Lemurian Playmates

The Lemurian Playmates are a group who met in Nina’s Tree House and decided to work on Mail Art, Altered Books, Artistic Trading Cards and other art forms.

Mnemoysne - Stream of Memory

When you drink from the stream of Mnemosyne memories flood back and demand to be recorded

Murmuring Woods

The Murmuring Woods are a special part of Lemuria. They can be found behind Riversleigh Manor.

Mrs Parson's House

When it is Halloween few can resist an invitation to Mrs Parson's House. Hostess, Anita Marie Moscosso makes sure that Halloween is unforgettable here.

N Night Rides

Experience the sheer exhilaration of a night ride while you are on the Silk Road. It will be totally unforgettable.

O Orientation Blog

If you are challenged by blogger join the Orientation blog to learn how to blog and use free image hosting services. It is all very easy really

P Pandora's Wardrobe

Travellers invariably turn to Pandora's Wardrobe when they are looking for costumes, wigs or accessories for their performances on Soul Food stages.

Places of the Heart

Through Local Eyes is a place that has been established for people to share local places of the heart.

Q Questing

The Soul Food Silk Road and Riversleigh Manor is the perfect destination for those who are on a quest to warm the stone artist

R Room of Your Own

At Riversleigh Manor you have the room of your own and independent means that Virginia Wolfe spoke of. Ebony Wilder, the former housekeeper of the Lemurian Abbey has come over to care for everyone and make sure that there is plenty of food for everyone.


Ravens are the totem bird of Soul Food' webmistress, Heather Blakey

From early days ravens have come to Soul Food bringing measages from afar.

A flock of ravens live in the rookery at Riversleigh and they regularly head out with messages and tokens of comfort when word is received that someone in the realm is in need of support.

While Ravens live in the Rookery at Riversleigh all will be well in the land.

S Salons

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

At Riversleigh there are some Salons that residents can join in. Live Poets is a place where poets share and read their work, their is a room to discuss, children's book and even a Fantasy Cove. Just ask if you want to participate.

Salon du Soul

The Salon du Soul is just the place to do your daily writing practice and is the perfect place to post your Monday Madness posts. Remember to use Soul Food's ABC of Activities as a prompt each day.

Sunday Market

Silk Road Peddlers gather at the Lemurian Archipelago Sunday Market to show their wares. Take the opportunity to display your work for sale or trading at the Lemurian Sunday Market.

Snail Mail Art Exchange

If you are a member of Rivesleigh you can join and art exchange group called Lemurian Playmates Contact Heather Blakey for more details.

Taverna di Muse

Il Taverna di Muse is a lively place for the participants of the Soul Food Cafe writing collective to post their completed short stories, poems, photography, songs, and artwork. In addition, each Friday (or Saturday depending on what side of the world you live on), the Bluestocking Society meets in the Lounge to engage in lively discussion on a variety of topics. For more information on this group, click the “Blue Stocking Society” link in the right column under “About the Taverna.”

Temple People

The Island of the Temple People is an island of myth and mystery. It is a sacred part of the Lemurian Archipelago, a place where individuals who feel battered by life can retreat for regeneration and find solace and comfort. Ferries leave from the Island, taking people to the Isle of Ancestors and White Owl Island. Time spent on these islands is true heart therapy so if you feel in need, or feel you can support others in need of comfort and kindness, make sure to visit the Temple of Solace on the Island of the Temple People.

Temple of Solace

The Temple of Solace is one exquisite sanctuary within Lemuria where artists and writers can nourish their spirit and feed the muse.

Trading Room

Within the Hermitage Trading Room, the only currency that ever changes hands is the price of postage. Negotiate an item swap with any traveller. Exchange things you no longer use, for something another traveller no longer needs, and renovate your resources with new possibilities. Trading goods are treasures of self-help books, poetry books, novels, magazines, cards, art, and any audio visual item, such as CD's, DVD's, Audio Book, or video.

The Donkey Union

The Secretary of Donkey's Incoporated is Fran Sbrocchi. Taking care of these creatures who carried travellers to places like the House of the Serpents and Blings Springs becamequite a task.


VALE Leonie Bryant
1942 - 2006

Leonie Bryant, who died on April 29th 2006, followed le Enchanteur through the door into the Cave of the Enchantress in 2005, and went on to become a much loved member of Soul Food.

The Hermitage Art Room is now Leonie's private room at Soul Food, the place where we will find her.

W White Owl Island

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

White Owl Island, off Duwamish Bay, is a popular destination for residents keen to seek the advice of White Owl. It should be high on your list of destinations on the Silk Road

Well of Forgiveness

The Well of Forgiveness lies quite close to the House of the Serpents and when you drink from these waters you will find forgiveness for yourself and others.

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