Wirework Bugs by Winnie Reyes

Bugs are my new fascination of the moment. They are the strong, resilient and silent workforce of the planet. As I make more of these critters, I begin to realize how much affinity I have with them. I've gone through many difficult and painful circumstances in my life and every time I overcome one of them I emerge renewed and different. So much like an insect that is able to adapt to it's new environment or have retreated to a cocoon and emerge as a different creature altogether with new colors and better armour to survive its new world.


Winnie Rose Reyes
Dollmaker, Fantasy Artist

Winnie Rose Reyes believes that every work is a triumph in itself like life is. She says that it is more the process of creation that is the true meaning of art. Reyes feels that it doesn't much matter whether others react to the end result in a positive or a negative way. What matters to her is that it elicits a reaction from them. Winnie believes that if a person ends up looking at the subject of a piece in a different way because of how she has presented it, then that gives her efforts meaning.

There is no doubt that when Winnie sent me whimsical fairies as a gift to watch over us during our current battle with cancer these creations took on a very special meaning


Work of Winnie Rose Reyes

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