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You can reach Heather Blakey, the sole operator of Soul Food, by posting on one of the Soul Food bloggers or by sending a clearly identified, subject specific email to heatherblakey at

When Heather has recovered from running from one end of this estate to the other, has done with the dusting and polishing needed to make the place looks good for unannounced guests, she will make contact.

Of course, if the servants finally arrive to lend a hand, she may reach you sooner.

Working with the Creative Arts, Promote Literacy and Resuscitate Imagination

About the Course

Creative expression is our subconscious taking some power in our lives. These courses assist the process of resuscitating creative imagination through creative play. They directly impact on literacy, with visual imagery helping students to build vocabulary. The program includes a series of creative projects that include:

Mail Art
Scar-coats and Battle-coat Story Telling
Word Weaving and Quilting
Creative Armoury
Comfort Journals
Creative Visioning
Art of Consolation

Heather Blakey is a secondary school teacher with over thirty year's experience as a teacher of writing.

Heather has led numerous writing workshops around Melbourne and has worked with members of the palliative care team at Melbourne Citymission. She currently works part-time at LaTrobe Secondary College and in a voluntary capacity with the Mission's bereavement team. Her goal is to demonstrate the therapeutic powers of writing and the creative arts.

Heather is the webmaster of The Soul Food Cafe, a quirky, imaginative web site designed to nourish imagination and foster creativity. More.....

Reclaiming Imagination Workshops

Palliative Care Volunteers - Melbourne Citymission
Melbourne Citymission Staff (Palliative Care)
Northern Carers Association Workshops
Kingsbury Primary School (6 mth program)
Haig Steet Primary School (2 year program)
Keon Park Primary School (2 year program)
Methodist Ladies College Community Education - Writing for Well-being
International Training and Communication - 2 hr Workshop
Melbourne Citymission Loss and Grief Program
Writing Passport Program

Heather Blakey is available for workshop/training sessions..