Keon Park Primary School
Rear Mirror Memory Bag Project

Students at Keon Park made rear vision memory bags and put their memories behind the cellophane windows. Putting some memories behind us, bagging memories can be a very powerful step.

Rear Vision Mirror Memories

When you look in the rear vision mirror on long, straight, outback roads in Australia there is often nothing to be seen but the white lines and bitumen stretching into the distance. Sometimes it is a huge transport that we can see gaining, bearing down on us and it is a relief as it rattles past and silence returns.

No doubt some of us would like to adjust the rear vision mirror of our lives so that when we look back we cannot see the events that hurtled towards us and marred our lives. Looking in the rear vision mirror is a little technique that helps us to alter our way of seeing things. It also provides fresh material for personal writing.

Begin by making a gigantic rear vision mirror out of coloured paper in your visual journal.

Use your supply of magazines and photos to fill it up with the images and memories that you see as you look backwards in time. Include the dead, the living, the places you have been, the houses in which you have lived, the people that have drifted in and out of your life.

Now. Zoom in on one of these memories and brainstorm details. List at least ten details which provide more information.

Stop and quietly look at what you have gathered. Draw more memories from your well of remembrances. Quietly watch and observe some of these things as they parade past you.

Begin to write freely, without thinking, on the rear vision view of your life. Just let the memories gather on your page. Working like this strengthens our powers of observation. It also helps us observe new things about ourselves. When we stop to remember we are able to step aside, pay attention and look back with different eyes.