Raven brings to the people the gift of mystery. All of Creation is truly a great mystery (hence this term as one of the ways of referring to the Creator), and no animal reflects this better than the Raven. They have an intimate association with the mystery of death. Because Ravens would feed on the corpses of the dead hanging on the gallows, early European settlers hated and feared tis bird and considered it to be an ill omen. They are black, a color associated with the night, the dark, and the fears that reside there.

There are many stories in Native cultures about the mystery and magic of this elusive black bird. Shamans know the power of an unexpected piercing sound in altering consciousness. Ravens exercise this power, emitting as they do, a variety of sounds, some quite piercing and startling. Ravens are associated with psychic abilities, and their featheers are sometimes used to aid clairvoyance. If Raven has flown into your life, you can be sure that something unusual will be happening, something out of the Void, from the Great Mystery. While you can't fully prepare for the mysterious, it is good to meet Raven not with fear, but rather with an appreciation for its magic.
sourced by: Anita Glenn

The Raven

I have lived where the crow's harsh cry shatters the morning
and in this city where the large raven
goes by his smaller cousin's name
I've seen the raven that the Haida claim
and know his clan
is everywhere
from distant legend
to the tree behind my house
his voice forever
makes his name.

Fran Sbrocchi


Corvidophilia File

Raven courtesy of Lyndia Radice

The beautiful Raven guides my writing. It has become my totem, a symbol to express who I am and how I want to live. I like to believe that like the Raven I am a guide, a messenger, who leads others to find their unique voice.

I believe that the Raven carries the messages of my heart out into cyber space. Her blackness represents the notion of beginning, just as the symbols of the maternal night and primeval darkness represent beginning. For me the Raven represents creative power and spiritual strength.

When I sat by my husbands bedside at the Epworth hospital here in Melbourne, after he had been operated on for bowel cancer, I noted the black crow that came to sit on the spire outside our window. She bought with her the collective energy of my patrons, people from all around the world who had stopped to think of us and pray for our well-being.

A solitary figure, the crow reminded me to look for strength from within, that out of darkness comes light and fresh beginning. Her iridescence spoke of magic and awakening.

Today I give thanks to that Raven and formally acknowledge her as my guide.

The Raven Queen
by Heather Blakey

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