A Mallee Grain Silo where J.L. gained her unique perspective on life and the Australian landscape. Inevitably Mallee townscapes were dominated by the railway and the huge wheat silos.

J.L. Ralston Musing the Muse

Standing on the Cliff

Introducing J.L. Ralston

J L Ralston was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1965. At the age of nine she produced her first work of fiction 'Mother Christmas', a feminist account of the 'silly season'.

Her teenage years were spent in an isolated Mallee township where she climbed wheat silos and gained a unique perspective on life and the Australian landscape.

After many years of tertiary education, and a reluctance to wear a suit, she travelled the world collecting stories. She has worked as a television writer, tour guide, teacher, bar attendant and sold designer shoes to rich matrons.At present she pays the bills by nobly serving the public.

Literary influences include George Johnston (for his understanding of being Australian), Milan Kundera (for his magnificent precision) and Iain Banks & John Irving (for their quirkiness and hilarious stories).

More recently she has fallen head over heels for Alain de Botton (a modern genius).

With an expired visa J L Ralston has settled in Melbourne and is currently working on two major pieces of fiction. She lives with her spunky cat, Prentice.