Pop Fiction Project 2005

Check out the Popular Fiction Hip Hop Music feature that was completed by LaTrobe Secondary College students. Students made altered vinyl covers and wrote lyrics about To Love Veronica Bee. They cut their singles at the Experimedia Centre in Melbourne's State Library. Graphic artist, Greg Blakey has designed this exciting cyber DJ studio where student tracks are played.

New, exciting Popular Fiction projects, following on from the highly successful work on To Love Veronica Bee, will be taking place at LaTrobe Secondary College, Reservoir East Primary School and Preston East Primary School.

During Term 2 students will present art work and multi media related to 'Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. Then, during Term 3 they will work on the juvenile novel 'Nathan Nutboard Hits The Beach', by the acclaimed Anthony Eaton, author of 'The Darkness', 'A Kind of Dreaming' and 'The Girl Who Lived In A Cave'.

Keep an eye out for progress as students work on this during term two and three. You can expect to see some wild beach holiday inspired multi media and artwork emerging.


You can contact Heather Blakey, the sole operator of Soul Food. When Heather has recovered from running from one end of this estate to the other, has done with the dusting and polishing needed to make the place looks good for unannounced guests, she will make contact. Of course, if the servants finally arrive to lend a hand, she may reach you sooner.




Passport to Becoming a Writer

The guiding principal behind this site is that if you want to become a polished and consumate writer then you have to gain experience and practice the art.

Each year I encourage my students to create a special notebook to store their words. Most years we fill at least two notebooks.

I like students to cover and take pride in their notebooks. We always use those inexpensive ring binder ones that are well bound and which will not fall apart.

One of my favourite exercises is to spend the first session covering the book. With students I like to get them to design a door that expresses their personality. Are you like a fly-wire screen door, a big heavy front door with a solid doorknocker, a cathedral door? We use those lovely brightly coloured kinder squares or pages from glossy magazines to create a collage.

Once we have a notebook we make a commitment to writing each day and we always count the words. Obviously with younger students we do not start with 1000. The aim is to get as many words as possible in twenty minutes and to try to get more each session. I always provide quirky starters and we discuss how particular prompts draw out a lot of writing. It is these starters which form the basis of this site and which led me to create the Soul Food Cafe. You will find them littering the site and I urge you to take full advantage of them because they always generate writing.

So try covering a notebook with a door that represents your personality and then tackle some of the small tasks and some of the projects provided on this site.

A Piper Called Them

Come away, oh human child! To the waters and the wild (W.B. Yeats) ... Experience a realm of mystical beings who are a part of the magic and beauty of nature. Dare to enter the wondrous Realm of Faerie. There are many mysterious and fascinating paths to follow in this enchanting realm. Choose to the left and dare to enter a wondrous realm full of magic and beauty...
Piper by Edwina Peterson Cross

Going to the Enchanted Wood

A group of Soul Food Silk Road Adventurers are currently staying in Riversleigh Manor. The Manor house has private quarters for each resident and it is the base for those who have signed up to explore the Golden Seed Grove and find the Faraway Tree of Enid Blyton fame. They will be at Riversleigh for one year and a day and the project will include, amongst other projects, the construction of the 2006 Advent-URE calendar. You can monitor their progress and complete the activities in your visual journal but there are no more places available at the manor.

Participants Welcomed

You can arrange to have Heather Blakey help set up an online program at your school. Contact soulfoodcafe atdailywriting.net for details.